Kimmel, Steroids Come Up On Pacquiao Conference Call…WOODS

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Jimmy Kimmel appearances, steroid usage and Manny Pacquiao’s desire level came up during a Wednesday afternoon conference call to hype the Nov. 12 Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez showdown.

Promoter Bob Arum kicked things off on the call. Arum said Pacquiao will appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show on Thursday, and that Piers Morgan will show a Manny/Freddie segment soon. “He’s a man who brings a new image to boxing, the pound for pound best fighter in boxing,” Arum said of Pacquiao.

Pacquiao said he truly is amped for this third fight mostly because Marquez has said he was robbed in the first to, when he was awarded a draw and a loss.

The audio coming from Pacquiao and Roach, speaking through their cell phones, wasn’t stellar. I had a lot of trouble understanding both men.

Pacquiao was asked if it was important for him to knock out Marquez. “If the knockout will come, it will come,” he said.

Has Marquez changed since the last fight? Roach says he’s gotten a bit more offensive, and that works in Manny’s favor.

Roach was asked about Marquez’ physique, which looks more muscular than we’ve seen. I had trouble hearing the response. He could have touched on the fact that there’s been a flap about Marquez’ strength and conditioning coach, who goes by the name Angel Hernandez, but apparently when going by the name Angel Heredia, was involved in a steroid scandal, but from what I could hear, he didn’t go there.

Arum touched on the subject. He said the press should stop dealing in generalities.   Arum said that if indeed Hernandez/Heredia did deal in steroids, that was in the past, and that today, fighters can use legal supplements and get the same upside without the downside. Arum said S & G coaches don’t have to and probably are not using illegal supplements. “The steroid problem is fading into the past,” Arum said.

Roach said he’s never seen Manny as motivated as he’s been in this training camp, as he’s so keen to show Marquez that he is the superior talent of the two.

Pacquiao was asked about the Kimmel appearance. He said he’d be interviewed, but didn’t let slip if he’d sing, or whether Will Ferrell would show up.

Pacquiao said legal distractions, and gossip column items about his romantic life and such, don’t get in the way of him preparing for a fight. Arum said that much of the salacious stuff is “blown up” and isn’t really a “blip on anybody’s radar as far as Manny’s preparation.”  Roach said once he comes to the gym, Manny is fully focused on boxing. The Kimmel type stuff is fun for Manny, he said.

Pacquiao said he thinks Marquez’ style will make for an exciting bout, as opposed to his two outings, against Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley, which had a dearth of drama.

Arum was asked about the Manny-Freddie relationship. He termed it “unique.” These two are more like equals, as opposed to say Ali-Dundee in later years.

Pacquiao thanks Arum and “all the listeners” for taking part and promised a good fight on Nov. 12.


-Radam G :

Let me handle the next to last p-graph, first. "....These two are more like equals, as opposed to say Ali-Dundee in later years." GOAT Ali and GOATBG Angie Dundee were the ultimate "equals." As Da Manny and P4P Top Notch Trainer Freddie are a match made in boxing heaven, so was the GOAT and the GOATBG. Now. as to all this steroids SH*T, it doesn't matter. A sucka has to have the talent and/or skills and know how to fight in dat squared jungle on his own. Steroids, at a most, are just a placebo effect for a good, lazy fighter lacking confidence. He may whup arse of bums -- B fighters -- and tomato cans and below, and believe that it was the steroids that did it, not his talent or skills. Everybodeee and dey momma -- in da amateurs and pros -- know/knew who is/was steroids dirty. And still whup dat arse. Boxing is not track and field or some mindless sport. It is at least 85 percent mental and chess-like smarts. [Oh, YUP! To all da know nothing, it takes a rocket-scientist-like muthasucka to reach the level of P4P G -- GREATEST.] And if you are muscle-bounded and bytched up on steroids, or any PEDs, you'll still get your ass kick. Angel Hernandez-Heredia may build JMM into a fudging brown HULK all he wants! But Da Manny is going to still KAYO dat JMM muscled-up arse, MATE! In the words of da Don[puto69], "You heard it here, first, LADIES. Holla back!" Holla!

-Radam G :

FUDGE Steroids! Dat stupid jive ___ is just a confident enhancer for a weak-arse-doubting mind, not a Performance Enhancing Drug for boxing BEST. There is no type of PEDS that can enhance the 85 percent of mentalism that a pugilists would need for the sweet science. There is no physical ___ that can enhance a boxer performance if the fudging boxer just ain't mentally got it. For every steroids-work-believing joker, who wins in boxing, I bet a ton of those sorry mofus LOSE! [And da know nothings don't know dat jive, that is why they believe steroids and PEDs work in the hurt bitnezz.] Believing in STEROIDS effectiveness is for weak minds and never wases [sic]. In enhancing drug ____, the real doesn't deal. As in the words of the ATG Sugar Ray Leonard: "I will feed the steroids to a fool for the right amount of money, and then commence to whup his natural, sorry, cheatin' A$$!" The Sugarman whup tons of steroids-using a$$es during his days, as did your's truly and everyone and his cousin. Steroids and illegal PEDs working are for birdbrained beliefs. Holla!

-amayseng :

all i know is that manny was on jim rome radio today for an interview, and rome asked him about peds, and manny said he was clean. then rome ASKED WHY THE FIGHT WITH FLOYD MAYWEATHER HAS NOT TAKEN PLACE, manny said that floyd keeps asking for MORE MONEY and that a promotor offered floyd 100 MILLION DOLLARS and floyd refused.. floyd is a duck