Mayweather-Ortiz Does 1.25M Buys, $78 Million Worth Of PPV





LAS VEGAS (October 28). Floyd Mayweather puts more meaning to his ring name “Money” every time he fights.  With early pay-per-view numbers counted and confirmed, the pugilist’s recent STARPOWER fight against Victor Ortiz generated buys from 1.25 million homes with a value of $78,440,000 dollars in pay-per-view revenue.  These numbers make the event the second highest grossing non-heavyweight pay-per-view event of all time.

With another successful pay-per-view event under his belt, Mayweather continues his reign as the biggest and most lucrative attraction in the sport.  He has now appeared in the three biggest non-heavyweight pay-per-view events in the sport’s history, including Mayweather vs. Oscar de la Hoya ($136,853,700), Mayweather vs. Ortiz ($78,440,000 million) and Mayweather vs. Sugar Shane Mosley ($78,330,000 million).

“My motto is ‘hard work and dedication’ and I have shown this throughout my entire career, which has allowed me to go out and perform each time I step in the ring,” said Mayweather.  “I give the fans everything I have with the best competition and exciting fights.  I must be doing something right as they keep buying my fights and I appreciate their tremendous support.  It feels good to be able to generate such a great interest in the sport.”

“Every time Floyd steps into the ring, he reminds us that he is the greatest fighter in the sport today and certainly its biggest star.” said Leonard Ellerbe, CEO Mayweather Promotions.  “The financial success of his fight with Victor Ortiz reinforces Floyd’s position in the sport as iconic and he should be appreciated for bringing all of this attention and good fortune to the sport.  His pay-per-view success is staggering and the history books will reflect this impact.”

STARPOWER showed again why they call him “MONEY” Mayweather,” said Richard Schaefer, CEO Golden Boy Promotions.  “When it comes to pay-per-view, Floyd is clearly in a league of his own.  Not only does he now hold the record for the top three grossing non-heavyweight pay-per-view events, but he also holds the record for the single biggest pay-per-view event of all time.  I am excited to continue to break records with Floyd and his Money Team, because records are made to be broken!”


-FighterforJC :

LOL. Great. Mayweather is capable of producing a revenue less than a quarter of DAY ONE sales of Call of Duty: Black Ops. If Pacquiao scammed people by fighting once every two years with the premise that every fight could be his last, he'll EASILY be doing an average of 2 million PPV buys each outing.

-Radam G :

Revenues of Money May success are a bunch of lies, lies, and lies. Don't sell me that PPV jive at $60, aka "homes" [HBO] buyout. Everyone and his cousin in da know know that Money May-Vicious Vic bout got a lot of its money at the big-screen movie theatres for $25 a pop. And tons of those were freebies. And now the HBO powers that be are cookin' da books. [Way to go, Humbuggery Bullsh*t Organization.] Financial distortion is as old as prostitution. One can play that big-money accounting jive on the fringe. $78.4mil is value of, not actual gross income. And the net after counting off all the close to $19mil of commentary tickets and freebies will be more like $60 mil. [The darn live gate was just half of the arena. A lot of fans could have gotten in free, but did not show interest or up.] C'mon there will always be somebody in the know who knows how it is done. Quit da bullspitting of making Money May a money-making legend because of his great marketing idea of using the pseudonym Money May. [In a few years, like always, those counting the money will rat themselves out and tell how they cooked up jive.] Money May is the Santa Claus of HBO. There is no real Santa Claus flying through the sky with his slade being pulled by reindeer. And then the FAT-A$$, long, white, bearded chump jumping through chimmeys and putting toys under Christmas trees. My four-year-old son has already told me that he is going to kick Santa Claus's a$$ if dat balloon-butt sucka crash through our chimmey and wake him up hollering: "HO! HO! HO! WTF! Dude sounds like a lost pimp in loud red cheap suit from an old Mack movie. And all this book-cooking money jive about Money May making all this dough for HBO sound like ______ _______ ______ ______ and ______! Fantasies and fables are still ruling and making low-money-making fringe fanfaronades feel good. One can make them believe any type of jive about getting PAID and/or RICH! Santa Claus whuppin' da heck outta reindeer with a whip to pull his slade on sky air doesn't exist. And Money May and HBO PPV making da claimed BIG MONEY doesn't pass a giggle test to those in the know about how books are cooked. Holla!

-Fe'Roz :

Until Mark Taffet says it's so, it ain't official. Thus far, no one at HBO has and/or is willing to officially go on record. The silence is deafening.

-brownsugar :

I thought the 850,000 figure was correct when I first heard it,..... and that's still a good ppv number but 1.25 mills is outstanding for a fight against an opponent that mostly only hardcore fans know. Floyd creates a spectical of skill everytime he enters the ring,. It's hard to find a boxer who drops his punches on target so often with such emphasis that they can't be ignored. Personally I'm more interested in the fights than the money and the promoters. Since Floyd has never sent me a residual check for my pro-Floyd posts.. Still Pac vs Marquez may top this fight profit-wise because of the sheer amount of Hispanics who want to see Marquez win. Either way both boxers are huge draws so I'll let the naysayers haggle over the business end. Just give us the fights we want to see.

-brownsugar :

Other Than Amir Khan, Martinez, or Pac I can't see who Mayweather could fight that would be deemed PPV worthy. Cotto.... but I doubt that would happen since Mayweather is always using he "leftovers" tag line. Canelo?...'s too soon to throw the young up and comer into the lions den. Mike Jones?....Mike who?.... and Berto has yet to redeem himself and prove he can compete at that level. Well at least the Money Team has plenty to pay Floyds team of attorneys. Can't wait to see what's next. For now you can watch him, Fiddy and Tyson make "The Hangover" commercials for Fiddy's Street Kings energy drink.

-DaveB :

Timothy Bradley? No. This is becoming a problem for both guys, finding opponents that we can get excited about. Personally I think that really happened about a couple of years ago but people still buy the fights. There is always that little amount of doubt because anything can happen in a professional fight and the promoters exploit that being the devils that they are. I agree whole-heartedly, bring on the best fights but of course that doesn't always happen but we can dream.