Steward Out As Cotto’s Trainer…WOODS

Manny Steward is out, and a man unknown to most boxing fans is in as Miguel Cotto’s trainer.

Cotto released a letter alerting all to the switch, from Steward, who worked with him in his win against Yuri Foreman last summer and Ricardo Mayorga in March, to Pedro Luis Diaz Benitez, a Cuban teacher. Steward replaced ex nutritionist Joe Santiago, who worked with Cotto in the June 2009 Joshua Clottey fight, and the November 2009 Manny Pacquiao fight, after the Puerto Rican boxer had a nasty fallout with his uncle/trainer Evangelista Cotto before the Clottey clash.

Here is Cotto’s statement:

Today I am very happy to announce that my trainer for my December 3rd fight [against Antonio Margarito] in New York will be legendary Cuban boxing trainer and expert Pedro Luis Díaz Benítez.  Pedro Luis is a Doctor in Pedagogical Sciences.  He holds a Master’s degree in sports training and a Major in Physical Culture and Sports.  He is also specialized in boxing training’s planning and control. He was a professor and investigator for the University of Sports in Cuba.  He has also worked with and trained several Olympic Gold Medalists and professional world champions.
I met Pedro Luis as an amateur several years ago and had the opportunity to share time with him in several international competitions.  I was instantly amazed as to the vast boxing’s technique and conditioning knowledge that he transmitted to his fighters.  I feel that together with Phil, Pedro Luis is a perfect fit to bring my best potential for my next fight in December and lead me to victory!
I want to take this opportunity to express my wholehearted gratitude to Emanuel Steward, who I consider a friend and mentor.  Because of calendar conflicts and other matters, we were unable to work together for this next fight.  He is one of the best trainers I have ever met in boxing, and I will be forever appreciative for the two fights we worked together.  We have both kept the doors open to maybe join forces in the future if the circumstances and timing are adequate.
Now I will focus on my training camp!  I feel happy and thrilled as ever to commenced preparing for December.  I will be ready and will win the fight for all of you.

Cotto had said he was fine with Steward attending to Andy Lee, who fought Brian Vera on Saturday, but then changed his mind, and sought someone who would be available immediately.


-Radam G :

WTF! Miguel Cotto is losing his edge. He is now DEEP, DEEP into that Santeria. The optical illusions and straight-up fakery of it by con men have been known for destroying lives and careers. Doc Benitez is gonna get MC MURDERED! MC cannot beat Tony "The Tijuana Tornado" Margarito, ANYWAY! But he'd have a better -- is not the best -- chance with GBG Manny Steward. Reminiscing about long-past amateur days is bump. That famous political line of "calendar conflicts and other matters" is the classic alibi line for "THIS TRAINER BE PUTTING THE HEAVY, HARD WORK ON MY A$$, and I cannot stand it....He may be overtraining me." C'mon, MAN! Everyone and his cousin know that MC is no beast in training like Tyson was, like Money May and Da Manny are. MC needs to be a beast to beat TTT, who is no beauty, himself. And it all starts in training camp with proper training by the right people. I'm going with TTT to kayo him again. That Cuban amateur type of training doesn't work in the pros. Don't believe the hype. Old School boxing training is the BOMB! And, of course, the very BEST. Da New Jack jive of trainer Doc Benitez will be no match for the Old School training of young Robert Garcia. IMHO, of course! Time will tell. MC will imagine that TTT is el demonyo in the hottest spot of the deepest level of hell. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Nicely written letter,... worthy of an excutive speaking to a board of directors. At least,.... according to the letter he spoke to Stewart in advance... so he's leaving the right way. Cotto has always enjoyed his hispanic roots... you can tell by the gorgeous cookouts he has after, before and in-between training camps,.. while blasting his favorite music. There are far worse choices Cotto could have made...... The Cubans have possibly the best technique and training regimine in the world... Don't take my word for it,. ... Just check out their accomplishments... unfortunately many of those guys fight better while fighting for free under the umbrella of a Dictatorship than they do after they get a check and passport. Cotto needed the direction he received from Stewart to help facillitate his healing process...... Too much was going too wrong,.. too fast for Cotto and Stewart helped him regain his confidence and stabilized him as a professional headliner.......But now he's back to being Cotto......his own man,... not quite as eccentric as Mayweather but still..... he loves being the King of his own castle... I see Cotto as a guy whose been cleared to check out of the hospital and has been given a pass to return to work. .... Tony is going down!!!!

-Fe'Roz :

It was Manny Steward who first called what many of us were seeing in the early rounds of the first fight...with the emphasis is early...that despite his winning the rounds with the cleaner, more precise punches, Cotto was the more uncomfortable of the two men...with the taller Margarito relentlessly applying pressure and raining hell from above. Cotto's finest rainmaker failed to deter the Tornado.... and thus Miguel crumbled. If Margarito's chin is in tact and his eye holds up, I see the same ending. If that is the case.....let's call it a wrap.

-amayseng :

This is bad news. Margacheato already ruined cotto. Now cotto is without the proper trainer needed for this fight. I'm hoping cotto starches margacheato out of there

-the Roast :

WTF ever happened to Donputo 69??

-Fe'Roz :

Miguel wants a closer more intimate trainer. That is his perogative. Many fighter do. Unfortunately once the bell rings, they are all alone; every one of them. the best advice I would give Miguel is to pace himself. Bank rounds and get out. And then pray. Because Tony is coming on sooner or later. I see this going the smane as the first fight....with the bigger , stonger taller Margaritio raining hell from above. MC's only hope is not his corner. It is Margarito' eye. If it is ready to bust and bust early, then the fight will end in Miguels' favor earlier. Other wise its time for War. I'm excited.