Why Talk About Manny, Who Brings US Money To Phillipines, Floyd Asks…WOODS


Floyd Mayweather helped himself stay relevant with an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. He took aim at Manny Pacquiao, and chided the interviewer for bringing up Pacquiao, implying that doing so is unpatriotic, because Pacquiao makes money in the US, but then brings it back to the Philipines.

Mayweather told Kid when asked if he'd be watching Manny Pacquiao meet Juan Manuel Marquez on Nov. 12,  “I'm not really concerned with him, a guy got somethin' to hide, you know what I'm saying I do what I do, he do what he do. I beat fighters when they're undefeated, when they're at the top, and he beat my leftovers, he fights my leftovers. We say be the best, take the test, that's the only thing we're saying, be the best take the test.”

DJ then asked why Larry Merchant always hates on him. Floyd reiterated that he believes Merchant doesn't know boxing.

The fighter said he doesn't know who he'll fight next, and then said that Marquez has won the most rounds against Pacquiao, and boasted that he beat JMM easily.

He joked that he is introducing a meal at Popeyes, “The Two Piece and a Biscuit,” referencing his one-two KO of Victor Ortiz.

Another questioner, who must've been in the restroom before, then asked about Merchant again. Floyd said Merchant, Jim Lampley and Manny Steward all wish for him to lose. Floyd said a robot will need to be built to defeat him.

The guys baited Floyd into talking trash about Merchant. “It comes with the territory,” Floyd said.

“He tried to threaten you… what you think about that, Floyd?”

“I'm not worried about that,” Floyd said.

Floyd said Max Kellerman really isn't any better, when asked if he preferred Max over Larry. “They don't ever want to give me my just due,” he said.

It was suggested that Lennox Lewis be a better option than Larry and Max. Floyd said Lewis or the Boxing After Dark team are better options.

He next said he made Victor Ortiz relevant, and that Victor had his time in the sun, as though he had no interest in a rematch. Is Pacman next? Floyd didn't bite at that. He then asked again why Manny is scared to take the test, and wondered why people are talking about Manny, implying that doing so makes one unpatriotic. “It's all about the red, white and blue,” Mayweather said. “Pacquiao comes to this country he makes money and he takes it back to his country, to feed his people. So why we even speaking on the man, he's irrelevant. If he really wanted to fight it would have been happening.”

He then said Oscar De La Hoya is jealous of him, made a Golden Girls crack, and the questioners laughed heartily.