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Two weeks on, and people are still talking about the shocker of an ending to the Mayweather-Ortiz. I just came across a video of Victor Ortiz making his case for a rematch, to videographer Igor Frank, in Burbank, California.

“It's not about money, to me it's never been about money,” Ortiz said in a video that was shot on Friday. “If it means that much to Floyd, he can keep the money, I just want a rematch. Period. It's unfair. I will show that Mayweather is not the best pound for pound fighter. I'm not convinced. At all.

So, was the “two piece” legal?

“It may have been legal,” Ortiz said. “But at the end of the day it's like if you're really that great of a fighter you could at least respect the fact that someone wasn't ready. Let them get ready.  It's like two kids in karate class go to the center to do this and one just kicks the other in the face. That's just unfair.  You're really not holding that title with integrity. If you are, dude, you're low, you're a person of no sportsmanship and class.”

He said Floyd elbows spurred him to counter with a headbutt, as well.

I spoke to Brandon Rios last night about that wacky ending; he has a history with Ortiz. They were pals, and had a blowout and have no fondness for each other. I asked him if it is fair for us writer types to opine that Ortiz subconsciously or even consciously was looking to get disqualified, because he really didn't want to taste anymore Mayweather leather.

“That's fair, he wanted to get out of that fight,” Rios told me. “He has been disqualified before, he threw a punch off a clinch (against Corey Alarcon in 2005). He knew Mayweather was catching him all day and he was going to get knocked out.  He started it and Mayweather finished it. I say Victor wanted to get out.”

Rios had nothing kind to say about ref Joe Cortez, either. “He did a s—-y job,  he did wander away, and he didn't say to re-start the fight loud enough.”

Rios, one of the most fan-friendly pros in the game today, will glove up at Madison Square Garden underneath Cotto-Margarito on Dec. 3. Manager Cameron Dunkin is looking at John Molina, Rocky Martinez and Kevin Mitchell as foes. “That's Cameron's job. I don't duck and dodge nobody.”

I asked Rios when he'll get a crack at a megafight, maybe one of the lottery ticket twins, Mayweather or Pacquiao.

“There are rumors Gamboa will go to 135  next year, me and him would be great for TV. Then, in  2013, I'm in no rush, maybe Mayweather or Pacquiao. I'm in no rush, I'm not worrying about the big dogs.”

Check out Igor's video here…

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