Borges To Ortiz: Be Quiet, Accept Loss, Do Your Job

MayweatherOrtizPostFightPC_Hogan5Sometimes you just need to be quiet and go do your job. These are lessons lost on Victor Ortiz.

Monday the dethroned WBC welterweight champion held an international conference call that proved one thing: Floyd Mayweather hurt him a lot worse than it appeared when he knocked him half senseless in the fourth round two weeks ago.

Clearly the victim of memory loss and post-concussion syndrome, Ortiz declared, “He wasn’t fazing me and he wasn’t weakening me. I had the upper hand in that fight and he was fearing the fact that I was coming (on). My comments are pretty much supported by any boxing supporters.’’

Well, for starters they weren’t supported by the three ringside judges, who gave eight of the nine rounds they collectively scored between them to Mayweather (one guy gave Ortiz the second). If Mayweather was “fearing‘’ any fact it was that his sometimes problem right hand might finally give in from all the shots he was landing square in the middle of Ortiz’s face.

As you all know by now, Ortiz intentionally head butted Mayweather in egregious fashion out of frustration from his utter inability to hit him with his fists barely 40 seconds after having been warned about illegally using his head. Referee Joe Cortez stopped the bout to deduct a point, a break during which Ortiz apologized three times to Mayweather, including kissing him on his cheek.

When Cortez finally said “Let’s go!’’ and clapped his hands together between them to resume the fight, Ortiz bizarrely again tried to apologize. This time Mayweather leaned in to touch the side of his arms and then rocked back and nailed him with a booming left followed by a nasty straight right as Ortiz looked with eyes pleading for help from Cortez, who provided none.

Ortiz tumbled to the floor, his eyes now vacant and the sound of slot machine bells ringing in his head as Cortez counted. He tried to get up once but stumbled over onto his side and thus ended his short reign as a WBC champion.

Immediately after the fight he again apologized for his actions but claimed he’d followed Cortez’s instructions “absolutely.’’ Well, not when Cortez said “Let’s go’’ he didn’t. Unless, of course, he wanted to go…home, which he soon did.

In a desperate attempt at doing the impossible – which is shaming Mayweather into giving him a rematch he doesn’t deserve – Ortiz and two guys who should have known better, his promoter Oscar De La Hoya and his manager Rolando Arrellano, made themselves look small, pathetic and, frankly, ridiculous claiming a butt in which Ortiz launched himself into Mayweather’s face was because, “He released the elbow on me. I released the head butt. I was very disrespected by Floyd. Yeah, I head-butted, but I was deducted, and apologized. They got me to the point where I was super apologetic, and I kissed Mayweather, and said sorry.”

Who is “they?’’ And what was he apologizing for if it was Mayweather who instigated his actions?

Frankly, it sounded like the ravings of a lunatic or the babbling of someone who hadn’t yet fully woken up from that knockout combination Mayweather nailed him with.

At one point a guy who was last seen flat on his face eating canvas was claiming over the telephone that Mayweather’s punches were “like getting slapped by a girl. His punches were not fazing me, weren’t weakening me…The (left) hook didn’t hurt me… Even the next punch didn’t do damage.”

If they didn’t what was he doing on the floor? Either he was hurting or he was quitting. Which was it, Victor?

As I said earlier, sometimes I guy needs to just be quiet, accept what happened and move on with his job. Go out and fight a rematch with Andre Berto. Beat him again and win another form of the welterweight title. Then challenge someone like young Amir Khan. Whip him too.

By that time, Ortiz wouldn’t need to be calling the media begging for a rematch with Mayweather. The world would be calling for one, which is how it used to be done back in the days when boxing was a reasonably understandable business.

“If Mayweather has any honor, he’ll say he wants the rematch,” De La Hoya said. “Not even (Ricardo) Mayorga would have done that… We were cheated, and Victor was cheated, out of a good fight.

“Take a look at the fight carefully.  Look at all of the elbows thrown.  Victor was coming on. Mayweather wasn’t going to knock him out. A fighter as young as Victor takes time to come on strong. He was coming on strong.’’
Sure he was. He also wasn’t hurt by any of those punches that knocked him on his back. He was unfazed by Mayweather’s lead right hands, including the one that buckled him in the third round. He was seduced into fouling Mayweather and then forced to apologize to him four times by the mysterious force known as “they.’’

What else did Floyd Mayweather do to him? Steal his lunch money?

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This article is exactly my thoughts. However, I think Borges should also direct this article to the Mayweather haters/Pacquiao lovers, who are still whining about it even today, two weeks after the fight": "Oh, Mayweather sucker punched him!", "Oh, Mayweather was whiffing his right hands!", "Oh, Mayweather elbowed him!", "Oh, Cortez is a bad referee!", "Oh, Victor Ortiz's headbutt was not intentional, it was Mayweather who was doing this or that to his arm!", "Ortiz was winning", "Mayweather this, Mayweather that!",, and all the other ridiculous, dumb arguments from the same anti-Mayweather/pro-Pacquiao mold that just can't live with themselves everytime Floyd gets out of the ring with his hands raised like always. I agree Ortiz should fight and beat Berto again, beat Khan, and/or any other top fighter before having a fight with Mayweather. And the same Mayweather-phobics/Pacquiao addicts should just pass on the damn page, and look forward to their idol's fight on November 12 this year.

Radam G :

Wow! Blood pressure problemas are buzzin' on somebody. Anyway, Superfight scribe Ron B is ditto. Da game is da game. Somebody is fudged in it all the times. The fighter who fudges da best is the best. Being a genius is not about fairness. It is about smartness. When you get an advantage, you take it and complete it. Neither fighter is at fault a bit. Besides, all is fair in luv and war. [Some experts say boksing ain't. Whatever! To each his own opinion.] The ref Joe Cortez -- who is bringing his arse to the Philippines to ref next week -- screwed up. In this case, Vicious Vic O and nowadays promoter Big Money O oughta STFU and file a-going-nowhere protest. It is indeed time for Vicious Vic to accept that the ref messed up, and now VVO needs to suck it up, shut the fudge up and move on. Holla!

FighterforJC :

LOl at these communist monkeys on these boards. Ortiz can say whatever he wants he doesn't need to shut up for anyone. This is a free country. Not even Mayweather could shut him up if it weren't for the cheap shot LOL. Mayweather fans are the lowest forms of life on this planet. lol.

Robert Curtis :

Are people still talking about this fight?? BTW, "Warrior" is a great film(even if it is about MMA). It's the kind of well told story that can make grown men cry. Though it's about competitive athletes on the surface, it's really about life, surviving damaged families and post traumatic stress. This movie goes to a deep place and is painfully real in places. The cast is pitch perfect. My only disappointment is that they had to hire an Aussie and a Brit to play two tough Irish-American boys from Philly. (Don't we have any homegrown?) Nick Nolte will win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for playing their father.

Radam G :

Hehehehehe! I think that the "communist mokeys" are being figuratively about what Vicious Vic is cryin,' not literal. After all, boxing is like the moneys' top food -- bananas. And everyone and his cousin know that bananas are some crooked, shaped muthasuckas. If you routinely find straight bananas, throw those bytches AWAY! They ain't right! Something is up! If you find too many honest "communist monkeys" on a boksing site or in da game not talkin' jive, don't go into the light. Hehehehehe! They are probably aliens like some mutha-spacemen. Holla!

Robert Curtis :

Mayweather could be the #2 or the #1 fighter in the world right now. It depends on who you ask. Most experts place him in the Top 5 among today's pound-for-pound greats. Even those who don't like him would rank him within the top 10. If admiring Mayweather's skills makes me a lower form of life, than look for me among the tree slugs, pond scum and one-celled creatures swimming about in your drinking water. Peace! Amoeba C!

Radam G :

Hehehehehehehe! Danggit! I have to wake up in my beautiful Pilipinas to the funny, rib-cracking spittin' of Bobby C! WTF! I'm laughing so that I'm almost doing something that starts with "S" and rhymes with spittin." Bobby C, ya' oughta quit! Hehehehe! It cool ain't to make grow-arse men almost sh** their pants. Holla!

amayseng :

wow, did ortiz steal this guys lunch money in school or something? dude is heated, in all honesty, the writing was a bit boring so i skipped most of the article.. did anyone really expect floyd not to win most of the rounds or to out box victor????? thats what we all knew and expected,,,, what we were waiting for was for vic to become more active, try to bust floyd up in spurts and overwhelm him with power and activity at times taking him to 12 rounds to see how is inactive 35 year old body holds up.. and thats what we didnt get.... vic held his own pretty well considering the vast difference in superior skill and experience and so what borges, vic is 24, hes young he will make mistakes and say goofy things at times, dont forget he did get a concussion who can speak clearly after the fight or at a press conference? vic is 24, borges what were u doing at 24? living in your moms basement, ya thats what i thought...

Fe'Roz :

Borges is an equal oppportunity hater and most of the time I don't care for his opinionated pap. This time he has a point. A point; not all of them. VO doesn't have to shut up. For all of his obvious flaws, the kid is promoting himself pretty damn well. However, he does need to suck it up. He fu#ked up. Cortez blew it. Floyd knew it. And took it.

michaelabii :

Nuf Said, Fe'Roz. However, Ortiz strikes me as a dual personality type of guy. Cant quite make out the kids mental state. Like one of those guys guys who could be spot on one day then have a meltdown the next day. He was landing some shots on Mayweather and I expected that. After all he was the champion and a pretty good young strong one at that. I got concerned when Mayweather started backing him up.... but hey, that fights over and I am looking forward to Ortiz/Berto II

Radam G :

@amayseng, hehehehe! That was cold and funny as heck! Danggit! Everybodeee and dey momma are comics nowadays up in da Universe...."what were u doing at 24? living in your moms basement...that's what I thought..." Man, you are too darn funny. I couldn't see SuperPugilisticScribe Ron B keyboard tappin' in his mom's basement with only a candle light on. WTF! Holla!