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398_1024x664photo by Damien Acevedo

Two months ago, I was at a press conference to hype Saturday's clash between Sergio Martinez and Darren Barker, an undefeated Brit who hasn't been in against anyone remotely close to Martinez in talent. I asked Martinez and advisor Sampson Lewkowicz if they'd consider dropping down to under 154 pounds if that meant they could tempt one of the two titans, the lottery twins, Mayweather and Pacquaio, into a fight.

No way, they said. Sergio's body couldn't handle it it. It wouldn't be a smart thing to attempt, from a health perspective.

Well, from a wealth perspective, and in the challenge department, things have changed. Martinez was at Modells in NYC for an open workout today. After adult film actress Lisa Ann finished lusting at the Argentine with her eyes, he went through a quick workout with trainer Gabriel Sarmiento. A bit later, I asked him to explain his flip flop. Check out the video Q 'n' A.

The fighter said yes, he'd go to 150 pounds to get a megafight. “At 160 there are no opponents available to me,” Martinez said in Spanish, with Lewkowicz translating.  “I must go down to 150 and take a risk with my health. I want to prove that pound for pound I'm the best boxer. Now there is no excuse, if Manny Pacquiao says no, he is fighting at 150 his next fight.

“Pacquaio fought with Margarito at 150 I believe that question can be asked to Pacquiao because Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez took the fight.”

TSS Universe reading the new look TSS, what do you think? Will there be a fan mandate for Pacquiao to fight Martinez, especially if as many of us suspect, the ludicrous Mayweather-Pacquiao danceoff drags on another year or more? Weigh in, in our Forum.

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