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Floyd Mayweather took to Twitter late Monday night/early Tuesday morning, and weighed in on the Team Victor Ortiz call for a rematch.

“I'll give Ortiz a rematch but first he got to get passed Andre Berto,” Floyd Tweeted.

He introduced his new avatar, an image of him delivering the right hand, the second shot of the combo which dropped Ortiz on Sept. 17.  #TwoPieceWithABiscuit, he called it.

He is apparently in a mood in which he feels perhaps more invincible than he has previously, as he posted a picture of himself looking in a mirror, with a caption saying, “The only man who can beat me is the man in the mirror.” It does feel like that to many of us, frankly…

He poked fun at Ortiz, as he captioned a picture of Ortiz on his back with the words, “I've fallen and I can't get up..

“Victoria Ortiz's new nickname is “Take 2 of these and call me in the morning,” he added.

His most pointed and salient Tweet, probably, was, “Does Victoria Ortiz want another rematch because he thinks he can win or does he want another payday?” It is a question that warrants asking.

He threw a two piece at Oscar De La Hoya, posting one of the infamous fishnet pictures, and writing, “Victoria Ortiz's idol is Oscar De La Hoya aka Golden Girl.”

We wonder if De La Hoya will maintain his composure, or go Larry Merchant on Floyd when they get in the same room. Oscar has his pride to defend, but is in a subservient position, as he needs to be deferential to Mayweather, because if he isn't, Golden Boy fighters might be out of the Mayweather lottery.

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