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Raise your hand if you want to see a Floyd Mayweather-Victor Oriz rematch.

Better yet, head to our Forum, vote yeah or nay, and explain your choice, please.

We now know with certainty that Ortiz and his promotional outfit, Golden Boy, are in the “yeah” camp. “Golden Boy put together a conference call on Monday to make their case for a rematch. I wasn't alerted to the call, so I cobbled together what I could from the Golden Boy Twitter feed.

Ortiz said, “I think a rematch between who u guys think is the 'best' pound for pound champ of all time and myself is what should happen. That was an unfair way to take a title from a champ. It was not sportsmanship at all.”

De La Hoya took a shot at Mayweather, who ended the night with a legal-but-unsportsmanlike one-two in round four, a quick-hit scenario off a sloppy break called by ref Joe Cortez.

I myself saw Floyd owning Ortiz, smiling at him when Ortiz tried to unload on him, and thought it was a matter of time before Floyd broke him down in total. But De La Hoya thought things were going to get better for Ortiz. “Everyone was cheated from a great fight,” he said. The fans were cheated, @VICIOUSortiz. This had the potential to be a great fight. @VICIOUSortiz was coming from behind, he was coming on strong and we were cheated from what could have been a great fight.”

That's up for debate, but I'm all in with Oscar regarding his take on Cortez. “I think the referee needs to have control of the fight and I personally feel that he lost control in that fight,” he said.

To close, Oscar called for a re-do. “Call it legal or call it illegal, it was bad sportsmanship plain and simple & if Floyd has any sort of honor he will give @VICIOUSortiz a rematch.”

So, TSS Universe, what say you? Do you want to see a sequel? Is there an appetite for another tangle between these to? Did we see enough from Ortiz to think things would go any better for him? Give us your two cents, heck, make it three, it's the internets, and space is infinite!

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