POLL: Who Wants A Mayweather-Ortiz Rematch?…WOODS


Raise your hand if you want to see a Floyd Mayweather-Victor Oriz rematch.

Better yet, head to our Forum, vote yeah or nay, and explain your choice, please.

We now know with certainty that Ortiz and his promotional outfit, Golden Boy, are in the “yeah” camp. “Golden Boy put together a conference call on Monday to make their case for a rematch. I wasn’t alerted to the call, so I cobbled together what I could from the Golden Boy Twitter feed.

Ortiz said, “I think a rematch between who u guys think is the ‘best’ pound for pound champ of all time and myself is what should happen. That was an unfair way to take a title from a champ. It was not sportsmanship at all.”

De La Hoya took a shot at Mayweather, who ended the night with a legal-but-unsportsmanlike one-two in round four, a quick-hit scenario off a sloppy break called by ref Joe Cortez.

I myself saw Floyd owning Ortiz, smiling at him when Ortiz tried to unload on him, and thought it was a matter of time before Floyd broke him down in total. But De La Hoya thought things were going to get better for Ortiz. “Everyone was cheated from a great fight,” he said. The fans were cheated, @VICIOUSortiz. This had the potential to be a great fight. @VICIOUSortiz was coming from behind, he was coming on strong and we were cheated from what could have been a great fight.”

That’s up for debate, but I’m all in with Oscar regarding his take on Cortez. “I think the referee needs to have control of the fight and I personally feel that he lost control in that fight,” he said.

To close, Oscar called for a re-do. “Call it legal or call it illegal, it was bad sportsmanship plain and simple & if Floyd has any sort of honor he will give @VICIOUSortiz a rematch.”

So, TSS Universe, what say you? Do you want to see a sequel? Is there an appetite for another tangle between these to? Did we see enough from Ortiz to think things would go any better for him? Give us your two cents, heck, make it three, it’s the internets, and space is infinite!


-FighterforJC :

Absolutely Ortiz deserves a rematch. if Floyd got DQ'd for what he did there would've been an instant rematch. Regardless of how dominant you think Floyd was up to the point of the sucker punch, it wasn't the right way to win the title. Besides who else is out there for Floyd to fight? Let me rephrase that, who else is out there that Floyd is WILLING to fight? Saul Alvarez? He's been exposed big time by Alfredo Gomez (what was that guy's name again? lol?). Andre Berto? If Floyd truly feels like he was on his way to stopping Ortiz (which he wasn't), then go ahead and take the easy money and school Ortiz and stop him fairly and convincingly.

-Robert Curtis :

The better question is: Who would pay for it? It was an active fight up until the headbutt, but not a very good one. If it weren't for the silly hugs and kisses and Floyd's sneaky one-two, it probably would have been a Mayweather KO/TKO victory by round 8 or 10 at the latest. I wasn't surprised by anything Floyd did. He's a bad boy who has never pretended to be good. But Ortiz was just weird. First he's a nice guy, then he headbutts like a bad guy, then he's apologizing too much. He can't have it both ways. That hugging and kissing was overdone and inappropriate. This a boxing ring not a Fire Island barn dance. Next time around, Victor will probably start a big wet sob-fest like Oliver McCall or Cris Arreola when things don't go his way. Plus, at age 34, Floyd needs to fight Manny now or choose his second best payday. Floyd's body is going to stop cooperating soon. I think he's losing a little speed already. At his weight, nobody is forever young.

-FighterforJC :

Besides Pacquiao who else is the public willing to pay to see a Mayweather fight? People are tired of seeing Mayweather against washed up has beens. Two things Ortiz got going for him in terms of marketability for the rematch is that #1, he's in his prime, #2, the controversial ending. Those are pretty good selling points if you ask me.

-amayseng :

i concur i think a rematch is in order.. if it were 4 rounds of floyd vs shane where floyd dominate to the point where we were bored then i would say no rematch. but to be honest, ortiz won 2 of the 4 rounds.... floyd did what he does, is accurate, lands the straight right and has good D. ortiz did what he does, sets up his combos to move you back and throwing 6 punches lands 2 good shots to buzz you. if ortiz had the audacity and mental focus to step back during those combos and go for the body instead of fall over floyd aiming high then he scores more and lands more cleanly... if ortiz brings his vicious attitude and not his apprehensive one afraid to make a mistake then win lose or draw we may have a very good fight... i think floyd is done though, he wont fight martinez or pac because he will lose... he will take 18 months off and wake up and be 36, and it will be too late for him.

-brownsugar :

I watched the fight about 25 times already,... from every angle, in slow motion, with and without volume, you name it. Ortiz did land a few more punches than I initially thought, but even his best shots landed on a target who was fully aware... which takes a lot away from the force of the punch... Ortiz had no chance of catching a tired Mayweather down the stretch.. Floyd is a genuis at preparing for 12 rounds in addition to being a master at marshalling his strength and stamina,.. even if he were to get tired... Ortiz would never know it. Floyd began pulling something new out every round, it was clear he was going to use Ortiz as Showpiece to hit back at his many critics.. Ortiz needs to go back and beat a Mike Jones, Kell Brook, Thomas Dulorme, Amir Khan, Andre Berto or the many good fighter is Europe whose names I either can spell or remember. Ortiz must build it up... 1 or 2 fights against the biggest names he can find will put him right back in the thick of it. But even a die hard Mayweather fan like myself wouldn't watch him fight Floyd next week... Floyd to Kellerman " I'm fixin' to destroy this kid".

-brownsugar :

truth be told,... and all due respect to the multitudes of Pacman Fans... I think Otiz would do better to try and get a fight with PAC,.. he's bigger, stronger, has quickness, and is a pretty decent boxer. under the right tutalege I'd even put some "underdog" cash on Ortiz to upset Pac. But first Ortiz MUST get an impressive win on his books before he can even dream about fighting with the hard gambling Pinoy. Hey... baby needs a new pair of shoes......if Ortiz is not percieved as a threat Pac can't be bothered with hauling in small chips.

-Condor :

My sentiments are with the erudite and Statesman of TSS, Brownsugar. Floyd has more than a little left. If that's rusty, imagine what he does when he's on a roll. And it was on its way. Brownsugar mentioned earlier that the ending was a blessing for Victor. I agree. I'm a huge VO guy. He's a great young fighter, and he's a guy that can walk the Earth and say he fought a hungry, determined, and late-prime Floyd. And he's likable. But way too green for Floyd, who's a boxing mensa, and in the midst of a Leonard-esque late prime run (looks unbeatable like a GREAT baseball/football team, Jordan in the late 90's for Chicago). Side note: Floyd and Wladimir Klitschko competed at the same Olympics (Atlanta). A pretty amazing -and unsung- fact of years back. Anyway, I think we're going to get Floyd-Manny within 12 months. I'm going with Floyd, but NOT confidently. This is the great fight of our time. I think it happens. Peace to TSS (please forgive typos).

-Fe'Roz :

Think whatever we want but the paying fans in attendance, with cameras and screens in abundance, dod not like the way the fight ended...and neither did I. Now had the question been should there be a rematch ...instead of whether "we wanted "to see a rematch, I would say ye. The end was dissatisfyng crap and no champion, even a 'one-win wonder' like Ortiz whose only real win of note was against I fighter I always believed was over-hyped, Andre Berto, should lose his title like that. I know. He's a head case and he definitely failed to 'protect himself at all times' but he was the champion nevertheless. If stupidity was reason enough to lose a championship, fair enough and so be it. but if what we want is to actually see a champion's belt being taken from him, then I can argue for a re-match. Floyd was winning easily, particularly in One an Three. I thought he also won the second (Lederman did not) but the fourth was actually getting interesting; at least as interesting as Ortiz was capable of making it. He was hitting Floyd on the rope. (yeah yeah, I know he was missing him as well but look at Floyd's jab connect. He was also missing Ortiz a ton.) ...but then, like the loose marbled cannon that he is , he inexplicably headbutted his way out of contention. Down as much as 4-0 on some cards, the kid had no way of winning short of a bulling Floyd to the ropes where he was least comfortable and making it a Hatton Style brawl. Personally, I don't think he could sustain it....but then again, I didn't think he could fight ten rounds before the Berto fight. So who knows....but since the question is who cares, my answer is not me. Anf frankly, Floyd doesn't give a flying f*#k what you or I think anyway.

-Radam G :

Wow! Okey, B-Sug! I think that Money May would get his arse _____ if he gets a fight with Da Manny. Da Manny is not a boy from Garden City, Kansas. Da Manny was born hearing and seeing fights and bullets weezing by his head. He sometimes had to fight his way through the jungles from the dangers of warring men, vicious animals and deadly insects. I'd love for Money May to grow some cojones and take on Da Manny. Money May is full of syet. He had a good life provided for him by his drug-pushing pops. Everyone and his cousins know or should know how well the children of drug pushers live. Another race myth will be squashed if the bout between Da Manny and Money May ever take place. There will be some shock, crying-arse _____. And the jive about Pinoy "A-side Meth" is BIG TIME GIGGLES. Holla!

-Radam G :

@Bobby C, suckas are born every minute. IMHO they'd line up to see this bout again. And with Ref JJ Kotex -- I mean Joe Cortez -- refereeing and repeating the same jive. @B-sug, in your 25 times in rewatching the bout, did you catch how Money May was holding and pulling Vicious Victor's inward by the arms, and evening bear hugging and squeezing VV's arms. The game is full of Hoodini and Bundini trickery. As they said, the hands are faster than the eyes. VV was shock that he could hit MM, and surprised that MM was holding and pulling his arms and bear hugging them to halt the hitting. Da game is so full of tricks that the average -- or even seasoned -- fan will never catch until told. Than again, if he goes into self denial, he still won't see it. MM is master of the craft. No matter how anyone spins naviety. But VV wasn't frustrated from not being able to tag MM, because he did tag 'em, but it was no way that he was gonna bag 'em. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Radam,.. I knew if I mentioned Pac's outrageous gambling habit,.. you couldn't resist the urge to comment.... LOL!! ....But Mayweather always fights clean... he instinctively knows how to configure his body against his opponents in a manner that's always conducive to Floyd being in a better defensive/offensive possition. he uses the forearm and elbow like a heart surgeon,.... gently yet meticulously..and never with intent to harm...(that honor is reserved for his fists).... untill eventually.... the oponents heart is ultimately removed. As far as his dad being a drug kingpin,... I think he was probably his own best customer... and violated the first rule of hustlin'.... never do ya own product. But your right,.. between Rogers purses,.. his dads... and his working Mom...Floyd never had to miss any meals... What makes him interesting is that he learned how to fight at a very early age yet only had 96 amateur bouts and still was the first american to beat a cuban in 20 years.... Mayweather was also a roommate of deadly puncher Randall Bailey in their early pro years... Floyd had to take it easy on him even thought he was a couple weight classes below Randall. Mayweather used to visit gyms across the country like an evil martial artist dropping in to ruin a dojo during his amateur days... so his talent is no mistake... maybe I'm sounding over dramatic,.. but many eye witnesses say he would come into these well known pro gyms and sparr with middleweights, like it was nothin. But if Pac's duckin bullets... slaying ravenous jungle beasts,.. and outrunning demonic insects... all without A-side Meth,.. then I have developed a new respect for the diminutive giant killer... hopefully after Marquez they(floyd and pac) can get it done.

-brownsugar :

@ Condor,.. I heard Floyd mention the same thing on a BoxingScene article. Floyd mentioned that he respected the accomplishments of both Klitschko's and that they participated in the same Olympic Venue... that's a long time to be in the game... but that just shows you what dilligence, dedication, and devotion to the craft will do... it works for the KBrothers as well as it works for Floyd.