Andre Ward Cut In Sparring, Froch Fight To Be Postponed…MARKARIAN

WardAbraham_Hogan11On Thursday, Andre Ward received a cut over the right eye during a sparring session and it will jeopardize the Super Middleweight championship fight with Carl Froch on October 29th, the finale of the Super Six tournament.

Ward was wearing protective head equipment at the time of the incident so he did not think it was a bad cut originally. When sparring, Ward noticed a drip of blood down his face, he took off the guard and blood leaked out. A reliable source close to Ward’s camp confirmed that the cut might be serious enough to postpone his highly anticipated bout with Carl Froch for about a month.

Showtime Fight Camp 360 cameras were in attendance and caught all that transpired. Thursday afternoon, Ward flew to Los Angeles to visit Dr. Paul Wallace, who successfully repaired Vitali Klitschko’s left eye with 60 stitches after the Lennox Lewis fight in 2003. Dr. Wallace is the ringside physician during most high-profile boxing events in California.
Bobby Warren, Ward’s assistant trainer, stated, “It was a freak accident. It didn’t even look like it came from a punch. The cut will probably heal in two weeks.”

Tonight, the source confirmed to me that Ward received seven stitches above the right eye for the cut. But there is no confirmation that the fight with Carl Froch is postponed.

All signs are pointing towards a four to six-week postponement.

The source also confirmed that it was clean above the right eye, no nerve damage or muscle damage. Ward will meet with Wallace again next week to get another look at the healing process. Stay tuned for more news as soon as it develops.

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-Radam G :

Danggit! Toilet paper skin may become a BIG problem in SOG's career. He may have inherited that Irish easy-to-cut skin from his late father. I hope that SOG start using even more caution in sparring. But maybe the cut is a freak incident. After all, back in da day, Big (Rev.) George Foreman and even Sonny "Night Train" Liston got sliced in training. Holla!

-Robert Curtis :

Bummer news. I think Andre is one of the top five fighters in business today.

-brownsugar :

Finally something other than Ortiz/Mayweather... this is potentially bad news for Froch...who doesn't have the flexibility and fighting creativity of Ward... more time to think and prepare will only provide him with more opportunities to discover more ways to de-frock Froch... On December 17th,.. we'll witness Froch getting stopped for the first but maybe not last time in his illustrious career. Ward is fantastic,.. but there's a light heavy on the horizons he should stay away from and his name is Ishmayl Syllak,...... from Russia with Love... the best pure boxer I've yet to see at 175lbs. Google him and check out some of his fights.