NO CONTEST Vitali Stops Adamek In Round Ten…WOODS

Klitschko-Adamek-385x250He looks gangly, moves with the grace of a teenage boy after a massive growth spurt and is almost as risk averse as his little brother. Vitali Klitschko will not go down in history as a majestic technician of pugilism who wowed crowds with thrills and chills. But he must be given his due for his effectiveness. On Saturday night in Poland, Vitali handled native son Tomasz Adamek with ease, using his reach, superior ring generalship and power edge to achieve a KO win, in round ten,  in front of 45,000 boxing fans at Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw.

The referee Massimo Barrovecchio, showing a brain and admirable heart, stepped in with 41 seconds to go, and saved Adamek some brain cells.

Klitschko scored a knockdown in the sixth, and should have been credit for another in the second, when the ropes held up the Pole. But there was no need for a protest, because the ending of this one was never, ever in doubt after the first round.

Vitali went 230-608 and Adamek 89-301 in the punchstat department.

The WBC champion Klitschko (age 40; 42-2 with 39 KOs entering; born in the Ukraine, living in Hamburg, Germany ; 6-7) was 243 pounds, the lightest he's been since 1998, while Adamek (age 34; ex light heavyweight and cruiserweight titlist; 44-1 with 28 KOs entering; living in New Jersey; 6-2 1/2) was 216 pounds at the Friday weigh in.

With the win, the Klitschkos retain all the heavyweight belts, if you keep track of such things.

Jim Lampley, called the action for HBO, along with Max Kellerman and Emanuel Steward. He did so from Atlantic City, where he will work the Yuriorkis Gamboa-Daniel Ponce De Leon scrap. Before the action kicked off, Steward said Adamek could beat Vitali, but he thought it would be quite hard. Steward said he'd try to move and win by decision.

In the first,  at 5:11 ET, after Vitali strolled to the ring to the accompaniment of AC/DC's “Hell's Bells,” he established his desired distance, and his jab. There looked to be two weight classes separating the men. A minute in, Lampley said it had been “another Vitali whitewash.” A right hand made Adamek stumble with 40 seconds to go. It landed high on the head, and messed with his balance. A left hook from Adamek, one of only 22 punches he threw, before the bell touched him a tiny bit, and gave the Poles hope for round two.

In the second, Adamek was busier. He looked to get closer, slip a shot, and counter. A long right sent Adamek to the ropes with 45 seconds to go. A right with five seconds left sent Adamek into the ropes, and the ropes held him up. Vitali stayed back, and waved Adamek towards him. Two rounds, two shots which buzzed the Pole.

In the third, Vitali showed his ace reflexes, as he scooted backward whenever he saw Adamek start to launch. Adamek couldn't get close enough to even graze big brother, by and large.

In the fourth, Vitali's short jab kept Adamek at bay. A right by the Pole gave the crowd a charge at 1:35. Adamek's face started puffing some. The Pole did land some jabs high on the body but a watcher couldn't see that bothering Vitali that much.

In the fifth, we saw Vitali's hugely underrated movement bothering Adamek. He moves to retreat to safety faster than a man that large should be able to. May I nominate him for “Dancing With the Stars?” He glued his right hand to his ear whenever he saw a hook enroute from Adamek, round in round out. Cutman Danny Milano tried to stop the blood flowing from Adamek's nose after the round.

In the sixth, Vitali started with more combos. He does this when he senses he has softened up a foe. He scored a knockdown a minute in off a jab-right followup, because the ropes kept him up. Adamek looked a beaten man at the end of the round.

In the seventh,  Adamek landed a few jabs to the left pectoral, and did well to stay alive another round.

In the eighth, we heard Steward say Wlad has one punch power more than Vitali does, but doesn't have the aggressiveness to take advantage. Vitali went down at the end of the round, but it was ruled a slip, correctly so.

In the ninth, Vitali didn't choose to close the show. But he did what he'd done before. Harold Lederman begged for the Tim Witherspoon overhand right from Adamek after the round.

In the tenth, the ref took a hard look as Adamek ate clean shots.

SPEEDBAG The stadium is a brand new building which seats 45,000. This fight was the first heavyweight title fight to be held in Poland.

—This was Adamek's seventh fight at heavyweight. He was 6-0 with 2 KOs coming in.

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Condor :

Adamek was game but clearly overmatched and undersized. Max was positively referencing Helenius. I know very little about him, but maybe he'll become a worthy challenger. Not much else out there. Arreola looks to have improved since he was shut out by Vitali, so maybe he'll land one against Wladimir and put himself in line for a rematch. Vitali is just so much better than the opposition, it's like a Division 1 football powerhouse playing a weak High School team.

ali :

Adamek was game but clearly overmatched and undersized. Max was positively referencing Helenius. I know very little about him, but maybe he'll become a worthy challenger. Not much else out there. Arreola looks to have improved since he was shut out by Vitali, so maybe he'll land one against Wladimir and put himself in line for a rematch. Vitali is just so much better than the opposition, it's like a Division 1 football powerhouse playing a weak High School team.
I agree with u 100%.....Damn they have beat everybody pretty much...Helenius is not bad at all but he's had only 16 fights so I don't think he's ready....who do u think he should fight next.

the Roast :

Vitali with the beatdown! My prediction was almost perfect. Grave Digger never had a chance. I doubt Helenius can win vs the K Bros but he is the only one who has a chance. He is a big puncher. Sam Peter went down hard as did Sergi Liakovich(whatever his name is). Vit cant go forever. Not alot of 40+ fighters around. Good win for Vit. At least Adamek gave it his best shot unlike David Haye.


Yet another Victory for the best Heavyweight boxer in the World today, Dr. Vitali Klitschko. There is no threat him at this point, and it looks like the coast is clear for even more time in the future. The short list of candidates for dethroning both brothers is getting much shorter by the day. It is very funny in boxing nowadays when you see people criticizing V. Klitschko and his brother, Wladimir Klitschko, calling them all sorts of baseless, and dumb names, but in reality, the big boys in boxing today are dominating,........have been dominating the mother Division for a decade now after Lennox Lewis retired. I agree that the Heavyweight Division is not packed with big stars like in the 90's, 80's, 70's and so forth, but what is one expecting them to do about it? Retire and say "No, no, there's nobody good. Let's get out of here"? Please.... Roy Jones Jr was right when he was commentating during the W. Klitschko-Haye fight. Right now the World and the situation calls for a young, up-and-coming Heavyweight boxer that can dethrone the Klitschkko Bros, and he hasn't arrived yet. Some were yapping about Chris Arreola back when he was undefeated, XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! But that dude is a thousand burritos less from becoming the No.1 Heavyweight in the World right now. The throne is still taken, and by the looks of it will remain for awhile........still! Congratulations for Dr. Vitali Klitschko, World Heavyweight Champion!

Condor :

Hey Ali, I don't have a guy in mind, and that sucks. Arreola looks more legitimate right now. Seems to be taking his career more seriously. I feel he has a punchers chance against Wlad (I think they're lined up, could be wrong). Vitali is the tall order. From a human being perspective, I don't believe there's one man on Earth that can beat him in the ring. Makes him special. We'll see. I appreciate the K's though. Been following them since mid-late 90's. Roast, agreed fully. I don't respect Haye at all. Adamek is a real pro. He fought the best he could, but he was in the ring with Vitali. What more could he do? Like playing the Bulls in the late 90's. No chance. Peace to all. Please forgive typos (sent from phone with drinks in me).

amayseng :

vitali is a physical beast with excellent ring iq. reminds me of bhop defensively moving out of range always at the right times. adamek was game, and god bless him for trying he was just overmatched and didnt stand a chance. i think adamek beats haye and has a better chance against wlad who can become hesitant when getting caught with shots, but even wlad would be too much for the too little adamek. arreola may have a good chance against wlad and hellenus needs about another 4 tough fights to be ready..

the Roast :

I'd like to see Wlad vs Helenius. Helenius is still green but he is a big boy and he can punch. Wlad has been knocked out in the past so lets see what happens. There are no serious threats to the K-Bros.

Radam G :

Helenius fights like a chick I know named Helen. And not Helen of Troy. Doc Wlad would tear his arse apart. Don't believe the hype about this latest tally tomato can. As long as he dance with fringe marshmellows, stiffs and suckas on lift machines and with one leg in the grave, he will look like he can challenge anybody to the not-so-educated eyes. The Roast is ditto about da Lady -- I mean Giant -- Helenius still being [super] green, though. But the sucka also cannot fight and is also perpetrating a serious fraud. He couldn't fight his way down a beanstock. Little Jack would steal his golden goose, or chick or whatever type of golden-egg-laying bird dat that sucka would have. Hehehehehehe! And kick his arse. Holla!

mortcola :

I'm outta words this week. But this blog piece says what I would say: [url]

brownsugar :

the Official P4P TSS Current HeavyWeight Expert mortcola has spoken... I don't find much to argue about with the article you presented... I would go a step further by saying heavyweights that big (and proportionately athletic dispite their size) on paper should be able to defeat every heavyweight that's ever lived since the beginning of Civilization... I'll stop just short of declaring that.. However I do thinks it's time to put up a partition between the giants and the not so giant heavyweights by creating a super heavy division. I don't think that anyone would disagree that if either Haye of Adamek were 25lbs bigger, their respective fights could have easily gone in a different direction or at least would have been far more entertaining. And I do acknowlege that it's not the KBrothers fault for being huge... and they certainly didn't have a say when the weight divisions were etched in stone. It's probably too early for a new weight division today. but you can bet it's comming. There are at least 6 young Giants on the horizon who will eventually exceed the size and strength of the Kbrothers (whether the boxing matches up is yet to be seen). In the next couple of years the clammer for a super heavyweight division will only collect more and more volume... who can compete with them?.... especially since they also know how to box too. By the time these new guys are even close to being ready... the Kbrothers will be retired and own half of Old Russia.

mortcola :

Good one, Brownsugar. Even though I get a kick out of that historical theme of David vs Goliath, as a means of providing for fair athletic contests, I think there should be a super-heavyweight division. I also think there ought to be some way of preventing fat, lazy cruisers and heavies from blubbering up to that division to avoid the unpleasantness of training properly. Not sure how to pull that off, though.

Radam G :

Jack Johnson was scared sh*tless of 5-foot-6, 145lbs Joe Jeanette, and ole Jackie boy drew da colorline against him to get outta fighting him. You see, back in those days, size didn't matter. A so-called little cat would whup a giant's arse. Listed Five-foot-eight Tommy Burns won the heavy crown, and dat sucka never truthfully weight all of 170lbs. Truthfully 5-foot-8 Floyd Patterson put lifts in his shoes to look taller and money coins in his trunks to get around 180lbs from being just about 165ibs. The crop of todays heavys are just some sorry arses, and myths about size run wild nowadays, because da sorry-arses of powers that be took the arse thrashers of the giants outta the division and made up a pseudo-division known as cruiserweight. Before the cruiserweight jive, only three giants -- undisputed kings Jesse Willard and Primo Canera and WBC paper-champion Ernie Terrell -- won heavy titles.There is no need of making up more pseudo-divisions other than to make more sanctioning fees for alphabet-sanctioning organizations. Until a giant can whup a little arse, I will never believe that size matter hyped-up fantasy. Maybe size does for the giant. Because the bigger and taller that you are the less balance, steadiness and skillful jive, you can do. Those in da know know that and will whup dat arse. Holla!

Condor :

Great comment Brownsugar. I have mixed emotions about a Super-Heavyweight division. It's definitely time, and all one needs to do is read your statement to know why, but the old-school in me loves the continuity of the Heavyweight title. A large part of the beauty of boxing is its history (not unlike baseball with statistics). I think I'd keep it Heavyweight (for 225+, or whoever wants to campaign there), and create a Super Cruiserweight for 224 - 200. You know it's funny -I think we're about the same age- I was thinking the other day of how GREAT boxing was in the 80's and 90's. HBO would have a ripe, serious, and MEANINGFUL fight on as regular programming twice a month. Hell, Roy Jones - Hopkins 1 was on the undercard of Bowe - Ferguson! Ugh ... just ranting. But psyched for tonight's fight. I'm going with Floyd but I think he'll really be tested and eat some shots. Ortiz appears hungry to me. Enjoy the fight and the weekend!