Mia St. John Knocking On Door For A Christy Martin Rematch …AVILA

When Mia St. John walked into a recent press conference at a plush hotel in Beverly Hills all eyes shot toward the female boxing icon.

She fits in perfectly like a well chiseled marble column.

St. John may possibly fight another icon in Christy “The Coalminer’s Daughter” Martin if given the green light by Top Rank. It’s been almost 10 years since they first fought in Detroit in a fight Martin won by decision.

“I out-boxed her for 10 rounds,” says St. John about their first encounter that many had predicted would end in a Martin knockout. It didn’t.

Recently media outlets such as TMZ have covered St. John’s open challenges to Martin, who recently lost due to a fractured right hand. The challenge remains open.

“I’ll knock her out,” St. John insists.

During the Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez press conference, boxing reporters flocked to St. John to see what the chances are for the rematch to occur this year. Both St. John and Martin have more than 50 pro fights on their resume.

Bruce Trampler, Top Rank’s matchmaker, said most of the upcoming mega fight cards are filled but did not rule out a St. John-Martin rematch.

Meanwhile, the stunning brunette is scheduled to travel to the nation’s capital to speak on behalf of raising awareness of mental health issues.

St. John will be one of the guest speakers along with First Lady Michelle Obama to talk about the need for more mental health programs on Monday, Sept. 12 in Washington D.C.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute of Public Policy conference will be hosting a three day event pinpointing mental health issues and an ever-growing population of people that are not covered under current mental health programs.

St. John has been a strong proponent for school-based mental health programs.

“The need for strong support of mental health programs has been a target for Mia St. John for many years,” said Laguna Beach’s Claudia Ollis, a woman’s boxing advocate and promoter. “She’s a fighter for the mental health needs, especially for the youth.”


-Radam G :

Wow! Did I ever tell ya suckas about the time Mia gave me a smack on jaw my with her gorgeous red lips? Well, she DID! I LUV diz life. The only person angry about that smack attack on my jaw is my wife. Hehehehehehe! She will get over it. I wasn't married then. And I wanna be like the Roast and not marry in cyberspace. But my wife _____ ____ _____ _____ ____! The Roast gets all the fun. Holla!

-the Roast :

You know how it is Radam. The laws of marriage to not apply in cyberspace and international waters. I'm not gonna comment on Mia's red lips. Nothing like a couple of over the hill lady fighters going at it. Just make sure Christy's husband is no where around.