Floyd Holds Court On The Phone, Says Manny Mentions Him Just To Make More Money…WOODS

Floyd told the media that he doesn’t expect the Sept. 17 fight to go the distance. (Hogan)

Floyd Mayweather was his usual self on a media conference call on Wednesday afternoon. He was at times humble, at times less than so, and tossed his share of stiff shots at Victor Ortiz, Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather got on the line, and thanked the media, HBO, his staff, all the sponsors, Schaefer (“They call it Golden Boy Promotions but I prefer to call it Richard Schaefer Promotions”), Al Haymon, Kelly Swanson, and Leonard Ellerbe. “Come September 17 I want to come out there and put on another pleasing performance,” he said.

He was asked what he saw when he was watching Victor Ortiz-Andre Berto in April. He said he didn’t have a plan to watch the fight, but was at 50 Cent’s house in CT, and they ended up hitting the bout. When he left, he said he thought it would be exciting if they fought. He said he spoke to Victor after he fought Juan Manuel Marquez, and was impressed with his humility.

He was then asked if he wanted a KO. He explained that fighters go into survival mode most of the time. Hatton came to fight, he said, and that’s why that fight was different.

Mayweather was asked if getting engaged has changed him. He said it’s great to have a strong person behind you, and “we live and we learn..rich or poor..she’s very important in my life.”

He said his long layoff shouldn’t hurt him, because he keeps his weight down, under 150, during his downtime. “I don’t overindulge myself with eating,” he said. He also plays hoops to stay sharp. He said that it takes six months to build a big fight. He said he hasn’t felt ring rust personally.

Another writer said that many don’t appreciate Floyd’s talent and wondered if he cares. He said reporters keep him striving, and implied it doesn’t seem to bother him.

Floyd was then asked his fights with Genaro Hernandez, Chico Corrales and Ricky Hatton. he said he beat the last two when they were at the top of their games, and that he does think about them as human beings.

Floyd averages slightly above 1.5 million buys per PPV appearance. Promoter Richard Schaefer hinted that he thinks this fight might break the PPV record, 2.4 million buys for Mayweather-De La Hoya. The promoter said HBO will run a show after the last 24/7, with reports from Las Vegas, to stir up interest that much more. He also said Floyd fights, and coverage from Vegas, will be featured on HBO Zone before the big fight. “It is without a doubt the most heavily promoted boxing event we have put on,” Schaefer said.

I then asked Floyd if age has gotten to him, because I have to figure the only way Ortiz beats him is if Floyd looks 34 on Sept. 17. “It happens to the best of us,” I said. He said he hasn’t noticed any drop off.  “I still feel strong once I get started in the gym,” he said. This is because he hasn’t been in toe to toe wars, and that keeps him fresh. Sometimes he dawdles getting to the gym, he said, but once he gets there, he often doesn’t want to leave.

I then asked about Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach’s belief that Floyd is prepping for Manny, because he’s fighting a fellow lefty in Victor Ortiz. Mayweather said that he is mystified because Team Pacquiao has a case of defamation against Mayeather pending. “I prefer to hold court in the squared circle,” he said. He stuck to his call for Pacquiao to adhere to an ultra-strict testing regimen, to make sure he isn’t using illegal supplements. He wonders, he says, why Pacquiao continues to mention his name and said it’s to bolster his cred, and make more money. He took shots at Manny for fighting his “leftovers,” like Hatton, and Mosley. He also said he wondered why Manny doesn’t get more heat for moving from 106 to 147, and retaining power, saying that if he made a similar leap, the outcry would be loud. “Everyone I face has to take the test,” he said, making clear that he isn’t  just dodging Pacquiao, that his stubbornness in the realm of drug testing is based on principle. “If you’re the best, take the test,” he said.

Sparring with Sechew Powell, Kassim Ouma and DeAndre Latimore, Mayweather said, has him in fine form.

What about a fight with Amir Khan? He said Khan would have to beat Jessie Vargas first for that to happen.

Mayweather was asked what advice he’d give himself to fight himself. “That’s a good question. I don’t know.”

Is he invincible? “Anything can happen any given Saturday,” he said.

How does he concentrate on fighting when so many distractions pop up? “Life is ups and downs,” he said. He said his ex who accused him of assault probably wants more child support, and besides, if she was truly beaten, why haven’t photos been produced.

So, are people out to get him?

He then cited a disgruntled employee, a “former drug dealer, a confidential informant,” who Floyd let go. The ex employee then contributed to an accusation that Mayweather was involved in a shooting. He said he doesn’t let the outside stuff coming in to the ring with him.

Floyd said he had an extra long camp just to insure he’ll be ready to rock against a fresh, young hitter.

“He’s looking for the knockout and he’s looking for the knockout, so I can guarantee it won’t go the distance,” Mayweather said. “Right from the gate I’ll be aggressive..For this fight, I’m coming straight ahead.”

He smacked at Ortiz for saying he idolizes Oscar De la Hoya, who has dressed in drag and abused substances, he said. “Boxing is not dead but it is dead when the guy who paved the way is downplaying his own fighters,” he said of Oscar, who bolstered Ortiz on the last 24/7 by knocking down some past Mayweather foes, and then again complimented Schaefer. He did say Ortiz will be “tough competition” and called him “strong. I truly believe he will be at his best and fight hard.”

He said that he likes to trash talk to entertain the fans and doesn’t really have anything against the people he fights. If he was boring on 24/7, he said, then people wouldn’t tune in. 24/7s without him, he has heard, he said, are boring without him.

Regarding his legacy, he said he makes good fighters look ordinary. Yes, he makes it look easy, and avoids punishment, but that shouldn’t detract from his legacy.

Floyd apologized for Ortiz, for dissing the media on his conference call last week. He said he was a vet, and understands how hard the hype is, and Ortiz doesn’t.

CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe said they’ve had a great training camp, “probably our best so far.” He said Floyd was able to give back during camp, reminding us he Skyped with the troops in Afghanistan last Friday. He told them about how he lives, and the “wonderful things,” like “the cars,” Ellerbe said. Over 18,000 people tuned in to Ustream to watch Floyd work out on Tuesday, Ellerbe said.

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-amayseng :

if floyd mayweather would be humble and entertaining, not a narcissistic disrespectful unfunny punk then he would not only be liked, but also more entertaining... so lets get this straight, during his skype to "give back" to the troops who are sitting in a 120 degree desert with bullets flying over their heads, bombs landing beside them, while watching their friends die around them to protect this country for 40 thousand a year.... floyd showed off his 40 million dollar mansion, all of his luxurious cars and even pulled out thousand of dollars from his pockets to show them when they asked why he fights???? as they fight for peanuts, for pride, for safety, to protect us in this county... this is why no one can stand floyd the person, he just doesnt get it.... karma will catch up to him

-Real Talk :

Man enough with all this, 10 days left to see what it do and what the business is. Dueces

-nashingun :

signs of narcissistic behavior lol... what i remember, it was him coming out of retirement, rode with the pacquiao's challenge as pac rise to fame, first picking marquez for a warm up, its a no-brainer floyd was using pac to earn more money! a lousy liar floyd surely is. lol

-Radam G :

WOW! Nashingun, you are straight rhetorically whuppin' Money May's arse. Hehehehehe! Anyway, for the record, Tommy Hearns went from 147lbs to 195lbs in the pros and didn't lose his punching power. Back in the day, Jimmy Ellis went from 155lbs to 200lbs and didn't lose his punching power. Money May needs to shut his arse up, because he came from 16-years old and 106lbs to 147lbs just as Da Manny did. The Mandingo Warrior James Kirkland came from 16-years old and 106lbs to 154lbs and hasn't lost any of his power. Some humans can do some weird jive to da know nothings. Know nothings believe all type of balderdash syet coming from Fam May. Ditto Real Talk! Can these suckas just fight and STFU! Holla!

-ali :

Mayweather about beat the truth out of this lying ass dude.....all the Mayweather haters will give him no credit for beating a young lion but who the hell cares.....Yes /Mayweather the best/ and Pac is next/ as long as he takes the test/ ha ha...one


Hey ali! What's up my man! It's been awhile. Well, concerning the Mayweather-Ortiz fight, and this article, I'm very happy and excited as hell to see Floyd coming back against the complete opposite to which he has been criticized since 2009: a young tiger, strong, in his [or getting to] prime, World Champion, and just after beating Andre Berto, then unbeaten Champion.......... and at 147lbs, not one of those stupid "catchweights". Of course the negativity and the criticism for him will continue, no matter what. I agree with you on that ali. And about the Pacquiao case [that unfortunately is still alive] then there's no other option for Floyd at this pint: he's going to have to beat the pinoy in the ring, the way he knows since he was thowing punches in his crib and door knobs. He's gonna have to get an official W over Pacquiao in his resum? to finally silence the loud PacLand. No matter how many times Juan Manuel Marquez outboxes him, no matter how many wrong decisions, no matter how many leftovers he fights, no matter how many old, over-the-hill boxeers he beat, and no matter how strong the visual evidence about subtance misusing, a Floyd win over him is the only way. And the media has been trying to get the fight done for the longest, praising the other guy so badly to put pressure on Floyd. Of course, boxing's toughest mindset [Floyd's], do not succumbs to pressure and to manipulation, at least not that easy. But the time is finally arriving. If no surprise of illegal practices to enhance performance in the ring arises with full clear evidences, and if it stays just a rumor, then the fight is about to get made. Victor Ortiz is just the right dude for a 1 and 1/2 year comback. Then, I'll give........repeat the easy prediction for that fight [Sorry, I kept you waiting last time Mort!] Welcome back Floyd! Just passing by saying hello to brownsugar, ali, mortcola, ultimoshogun, Real Talk, Frank Z, donputo69, and Fe'ROZ [The only Pacfan from back in the days that I respect].

-brownsugar :

Welcome back Salt it's been a long time....great comments....... I think Victor has a chance if Floyd is no longer Floyd... hard to tell exactly where he's at as far as fight shape... his team says what's expected. But we won't know till fight night... but if the real Floyd shows up... he wins a very hard fought battle that shakes up the boxing world.


Ditto that brownsugar! Good to seeing you, man!

-ali :

What's good salt lover.....At the end of the day Mayweather is a hall of famer without Pac...But a victory over Pac would put the finishing touch on a great career...Even the Mayweather haters would have to finally give him credit and and say he is the best fighter of our generation. Thanks for the love homie hope u can get around to posting more on TSS.

-Radam G :

Danggit! I bet the Money May's fanfaronades wish that they are in the right locales to get free tickets to the [largely free] Big Screen viewing of the Sonny -- I mean Money -- arse thrashing. None of Money May's psy-ops or black arts are going to work on Vicious Victor O. Wow! He just may "SHOCK da WORLD!" Shake dat muthasucka straight up, like GOAT Ali did way, way back in da day when nobody was thinkin' about most of our arses. I'm with deepwater. Buy GOLD! Maybe it is a message in Money May burning dat Benjamin [a $100 bill] a while back. That could be symbolic of the Money May END! He should just go ahead and accept the bad decision that he may get and RETIRE. But I doubt if he will. His career may just end with several losses as his uncles careers did. I'm just saying he ain't no GOLD May. Holla!