Female Boxing’s Best Layla McCarter Fights Belinda Laracuente

Layla_Amazing_McCarterOne of the best fighters of the decade, Layla “Amazing” McCarter, travels to Utah to fight the multi-skilled Belinda Laracuente on Saturday in a battle of female fighters with more than 50 professional fights.

That’s truly amazing.

The Las Vegas-based McCarter (33-13-5) is considered the best female fighter in the world pound for pound by several publications including this web site and deigns to prove it against Laracuente (25-25-3). Their eight round bout takes place at the Sky Ute Casino in Colorado. It won’t be televised.

“Layla is definitely the best fighter pound for pound,” says Mia St. John, who also has more than 50 prizefights on her resume. “She really is the best woman fighter out there.”

McCarter used to train at her male counterpart Floyd Mayweather’s gym and both are well acquainted with each other. Of course many in the boxing world consider Mayweather as the best male fighter pound for pound.

“Floyd has known me for a while and he’s just a great guy and a great fighter,” said McCarter, 32.

Offers from other countries do not deter McCarter from accepting. While most fear bad decisions the soft-spoken female fighter takes close fights out of the equation by simply steamrolling them in front of their home crowds. Over the years she’s beaten Daniella Smith, Jelena Mrdjenovich and others in their native arenas. That’s not easy against those kind of fighters.

“I just love what I do,” says McCarter.

If you run across McCarter on the street or in a casino she looks like any other 30-something year old and not the potent boxer who has emerged as the top female fighter in the game.

A year ago a man walked into the gym bragging about fighting credentials and a black belt. He stood well over six feet tall and weighted more than 200 pounds and steadfastly claimed no woman could beat him in the ring. Nor could any woman last one round.
In stepped McCarter with her gloves strapped on and when the bell rang she fired a left hook that dropped the much bigger opponent. In mere seconds she had humbled the man and proved that not only could women box, they pack a punch. A video was taken and can be seen on Youtube.com.

“I didn’t even hit him square,” says McCarter.

The Vegas fighter will be fighting Laracuente, 32, a Puerto Rican with substantial boxing skills too. She’s fought every style and often with little preparation. This will be Laracuente’s second fight with McCarter. Both met in 2006 with McCarter winning a 10-round decision.

It should be a great fight.

“Belinda knows what she’s doing in there she really has skills,” professes McCarter. “I’m just excited to be back in the ring.”

Boxing fans should be excited too.


-Radam G :

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