A Little Holiday Cheer From The “Premier Boxing Champions”

You have got to hand it to the Premier Boxing Champions for their body of work in 2015. In their first year, they put boxing back on television in a big way, producing 46 shows that aired on a variety of stations from CBS and NBC to Fox Sports 1, ESPN and SpikeTV to name a few.

Only with a body of work like that could the “PBC” sift through their libraries and bring us “The 12 Rounds of Christmas”. Now before you go and get all politically correct on us, just sit back and enjoy the best rounds of the year from the PBC libraries. Check it out at the youtube.com Premier Boxing Champions channel, or check the links below to see what you have missed.

Presented in chronological order from Round 1 through Round 12, the series debuted December 14 and continues daily through December 25.

Round 1 features a knockdown fest between 175-pound sluggers Edwin Rodriguez and Michael Seals, who engaged in a three-round thriller on November 13.

Round 2 comes from the all-out war between 126-pound brawlers Leo Santa Cruz and Abner Mares. The two Southern California rivals gave fight fans their money’s worth August 29 in Los Angeles, combining to throw more than 1,000 punches each.

Brooklyn, New York, is the site for Round 3, which showcased Andy Lee and Peter Quillin at their heavy-hitting best during their 160-pound clash on April 11.

For Round 4 of our 12 Rounds of Christmas, we turn our attention to a couple of hammer-fisted boxers who put the heavy in heavyweight. Chris Arreola and Curtis Harper each tipped the scales in excess of 260 pounds in advance of their March 13 rumble in Ontario, California.

Round 5 features heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder and challenger Johann Duhaupas-or, more accurately, Wilder’s fists and Duhaupas’ face.

In what essentially amounted to 11 rounds of target practice, Wilder hit the bull’s-eye early and often against his French opponent on September 26, but his all-out assault in the fifth round was something to truly behold.

The sixth round of the 200-pound title fight between champion Marco Huck and Krzysztof Glowacki on August 14 easily could’ve been the final one.

Apparently, Andrzej Fonfara and Nathan Cleverly never received that memo ahead of their October 16 tussle. The duo combined to throw more than 2,500 punches-a CompuBox record for the 175-pound division–and the vast majority were shots aimed above the shoulders.



-deepwater2 :

Man , that Pbc cheer is like coal in the stocking.

-amayseng :

I am glad that there has been more boxing on tv this past year. However, in recent months I found myself doing other things than trying to catch the matches....Bad sign

-miguel1 :

Im actually watching more of it as it has been ramping up the schedule. Deep, what didnt you like about it? I think they named the Round 1 Seals vs Rodrigez the "Round of the year".

-deepwater2 :

Round 1 , eRod vs Seals ,might have been exciting, but only because eRod didn't think much of his hand picked ranked outside the top 50, easy money opponent. Round 2 , Lsc vs Mares was a good matchup ,finally. Round 3, Andy Lee vs Quillin, Quillin didn't even make the weight! Boring fight. Round 4, two tubs of lard . Round 5, embarrassing this fight was even on tv. Round 6, great fight to watch. No complaints. They should just show this entire fight as a holiday treat. Round 7?, I picked the winner on throwdown fantasy , is all I can remember about this matchup. I don't see the rest of the rounds but this is no holiday treat.

-miguel1 :

They will do round 8 release tomorrow, and 1 round a day until the weekend. I understand being critical and choosy, and I respect your opinion. With 46 shows last year, some were bound to be better than others. I do question their matchmaking, and a lot of the time the matches a blatant mismatches. But some of the shows went 10 or 12 fights with the main ones on TV. They appear to have a lot of development work they are going to have to do, so for a first year, I feel like PBC was in general, a positive.