Dunkin Goes Back At Papa Ali

We could get a Sadam Ali-Jessie Vargas scrap, but the site is an issue. Ali, a Brooklyner, scored a headliner date on HBO, Dec. 19. The cabler would televise portions of a card on that date, one promoted by Top Rank and Golden Boy, at Turning Stone in Verona, NY.

Not so fast, friends; Vargas’ manager, Cameron Dunkin, told me he’s not keen on seeing a repeat of what he believes occured in Ali’s last fight. He tangled with Francisco Santana (in April), in Brooklyn, and Dunkin, a superstar manager in rebuild the empire mode after having his stash affected by Al Haymon’s incursion, thought the judges smiled too widely at Ali.

Ali’s pop, Mahmoud, told me that his kid is the A side, and c’mon now, Verona isn’t Brooklyn. He said that he thinks Dunkin is avoiding Ali, a skilled pugilist, and using the site as smokescreen. “He’s calling my guy a coward and he’s full of crap,” Dunkin told me. “He doesn’t want his kid fighting in LA, or Vegas or at StubHub. As for his kid being the A side, there is no A side in this fight. It’s two guys looking to get there…Anyway, my guy has been on HBO more, been in more big fights. We will fight in Virginia, in Boston, whatever.”



-Radam G :

What da double fudge! Sadam Ali is a sorry, trifling Amir Khan of the USA. That's right! The British Khan and United States Ali are not half as good as they think that they are. They are always some cry bytches about diz, dat and da third. WORD! True dat! True DAT! Ali is no "A-side" pug. Whatever in da puck that is. Just some bullsyet Mayweather promotional term that boksing's bulljivers have picked up own. And are running wild like mad punkified [sic] bytches with it. I'm not so sure that Brooklynite Ali can beat Sin City Vargas anyway anywhere. Holla!