Breazeale Kicks Off NBC/PBC Show With A Win

Long and tall and slightly green Dominic Breazeale took a step up fight against Fred Kassi, and they opened up the PBC on NBC show on Saturday night, in Alabama.

The Cameroon-born Kassi didn’t let the other guys’ eight-inch height edge get under his skin. Kassi was awkward, moved a lot, proved hard to hit. He wanted to take the relative newbie DB, living in Cali, into deep waters and he did so.

After ten rounds, we heard the decision: 97-93, 98-92, 100-90. The last score was too wide, and blah blah blah, this is old hate.

DB went 118-555 to 119-458; DB had an 89 to 86 edge in power shots. His power shots, coming from that big body, resonated more with the arbiters.

He said sorrt for missing

The 18-3-1 Kassi did a split draw with Chris Arreola in his last fight and got this bout off that effort. He proved that was no aberration…

DB, now 16-0, looked a little hand-slow and foot-slow as the fight progressed. In the seventh, Kassi was the aggressor, had the big lad backing up..

You wanted more jabs from the long limbed favorite, but in round 8, his ripping body shots impressed Marv Albert, Sugar ray Leonard and BJ Flores, all in da booth.

Kassi’s hands in round eight were cementified. He was backing up, and his lateral movement was still there, but caterpillar-quick. “Don’t let him breathe,” said John Bray, the DB trainer, in the eighth.

DB was into the ninth for the first would he do? Well..his body work is his best trait. Kassi didn’t think so, he had to hate the rights strafing his torso. The 10th was active and both men acted like they were a round down. Hands were in slower motion but the effort was there. We went to the cards..



-Domenic :

Wilder - Duhaupas a pretty spirited battle so far. Wilder's left eye badly swollen, but he's teeing off on Duhaupas, who takes a hell of a shot.

-SouthPawFlo :

Didn't like the scorecard at all, but they are grooming this guy to be a Wilder Opponent... I was more impressed with the 5'11" switch hitter.... No way he lost every round... I scored the fight a draw

-michigan400 :

Big Fred didn't get the respect from the judges he deserved at all. I thought a draw at worst and a good chance for a split decision in Fred's favor. 100/90 no freaking way!

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

"Big Fred" can't catch a break. First he gets robbed against Arreola and now Breazeale. The Cameroonian has skills and is hard to look good against, but Breazeale should have been able to control the fight with his jab. Breazeale looked technically sloppy and has a lot of work to do.