BROOKLYN BRAWL Sean Monaghan Vs. Don George On Oct. 16

This one should define “fan friendly” if you like two offensive minded guys, not afraid to take two to give one doozy..

Seanie Monaghan will clash, and yes, that word fits, this one has rumble written all over it in blood-red ink, against Donovan George on Friday, Oct. 16, at the Aviator complex in south Brooklyn.

TruTV will televise the carnage, er action. Top Rank, repping the Islander will promote along with Hitz Boxing.

Top Rank exec Carl Moretti told TSS that he loves the bout, it’s a solid matchup of “styles, and the crowd will be wild. It’s the perfect warmup to Golovkin vs. Lemieux the next night (at Madison Square Garden). I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but whatever does will be exciting.”

He hopes to finalize undercard additions by the weekend and we can expect local talent to be on the slate.

“Donovan is a tough kid, I’m training hard,” said the 25-0 34-year-old Seanie, who was thinking they might place this fight in his home town, Long Beach, Long Island, but they couldn’t find the right venue.

“I don’t think we will have a hard time finding each other,” George told me. “It will be a blast! I got the offer and said, eff it, it will be an action-packed fight. I don’t know how to say no to a fight! The weight class didn’t matter to me because I have a pair of cajones and I hope for a classic war.”

Monaghan is a 175er, while the 30-year-old George (25-4-2) is a 168, who fought at 161 just two fights ago, in June 2013.



-deepwater2 :

The damn ice rink in Long Beach would be the right venue! Or even a ring on the beach would have been nice.