King Still Kicking, His Boxer Reps Fri. at D Las Vegas Hotel

It isn’t meant as a slam, not at all. But this Don King is like a cockroach. So resilient! Such hardiness! He’s 84, has been prematurely buried time and again…and he’s still in the game, still repping a few guys, and still, when you compare and contrast, a potent promoter.

No, it’s not his heyday…he’s faded and he picks his spots.

But DK, who is now aligned with Al Haymon, has a kid in the ring Friday night, and don’t foget, his Amir Imam is now a Showtime favorite.

Here is a release which went out touting King’s kid, Trevor Bryan, and his fight Friday night, on Showtime:

Don King Productions & the D Las Vegas Presents

Outdoor Boxing at the DLVEC, August 28

Joey “Tank” Dawejko: I fought a few weeks ago and knocked the guy out in thirty-one seconds. I am looking forward to this fight and I respect all the guys on this card but I feel this is my show even though I am the opener on ShoBox, I am taking the show – I am ready to go.

Decarlo Perez: This is a life-changer. This is my opportunity, my moment to shine. The Olympian thing was a great experience but I beat two Olympians already. Now I am able to come out and show the crowd what I can do. I am here and I am ready to fight and show everybody there is no one better in the division.

Juan Ubaldo Cabrera: I am sure my opponent is in great shape because I am in tremendous shape. And I am going to give a heck of a show.

Don King: We are very delighted to be here this morning, this afternoon or whatever time it is. It is D time. What time is it? D time. Before I bring you the main event, I want to bring you the man who had the plan to revitalize downtown Las Vegas. His name is Derrick and they call him ‘the D’ and we are the Double D – Derrick and Don in a partnership in downtown Las Vegas. So now I bring to you the man who made it possible and I am delighted to be in partnership with him for the betterment of our city and the center of all sports in the world, Las Vegas.

Derrick Stephens: We are going to have a great night on Friday night. I have been a boxing fan all my life. When we bought the county courthouse and tore it down to build an events center, one of the foremost thoughts in my mind centered around Don King. Don made fights. I got to see the outdoor matches at Caesars Palace – twenty-five years ago – Bowe-Holyfield, fan man, the whole deal. I just love outdoor boxing and I am glad I am able to bring outdoor boxing to downtown Las Vegas – right downtown. Thank you to Don, all the fighters and all of you people coming out.

Derric “El León” Rossy: I want to thank the D for hosting this event. I want to thank Trevor for taking this fight. It’s going to b a great fight. This whole card is going to be great. I promise you my fight is going to be a great fight and I hope you all come down to watch.

Sal Musimeci (Rossy Manager): This is going to be a great fight. Neither one of them knows how to take a step back. It’s what we call a fight in a phone booth.

Don King: This is a great fight card. You know what they say in boxing – you give the people what they want and they will respond. Now on the other side, we have a young American heavyweight trained by world-renowned trainer Stacey McKinley. This is a young man who has the desire to be heavyweight champion. He is the Dream Maker. He is fulfilling the dream. And Mr. Rossi is the Dream Breaker. This is, for me, giving the opportunity to, whether it is man or woman, great joy. Trevor is ahead of his time, he is undefeated and he is going to demonstrate his talents for world review. This is for you, the masses, to come in here and to deal with what is real. I am going to bring this man up here and we are dedicating this whole fight card to giving women their rights. We can talk about that a little later but right now we are talking about a fight – and the fight is for freedom, rights and equality, so here is the Dream Maker Trevor Bryan.

Trevor “The Dream” Bryan: Hello everybody. This is a great venue. I would like to bring up my coach Stacey McKinley and I will come back on.

Stacey McKinley: Don King is bringing back boxing to downtown Las Vegas. He brought back Mike Tyson, who I had the privilege of working with for over ten years, to Las Vegas. A lot of other heavyweight champions have worked with Don and he is on the road to doing it again. They called me and asked about Trevor fighting Derric Rossy and I thought about it and you know Trevor is a special prospect, he is a young man, he is 15-0 and he can fight. You get to a point and you’ve got to prove yourself. We took this fight knowing it is going to be a tough fight but I think my fighter has everything it takes to beat him, and we are going to beat him in, how long? Not long – by the seventh round this fight will be all over with – in the history books.

Trevor “The Dream” Bryan: My name is Trevor “The Dream” Bryan – Let’s go Champ. We are finally here now. Thanks ShoBox for putting on this great fight. You people are about to watch this great fight on August 28. I am here, from Albany, New York and it has been a long journey – I am a young prospect coming up and I am ready to fight. Derric, you call yourself the Dream Breaker, but you know what? I promise you a war and you be ready for that. I tell you what – we came here to take this title back to Albany, New York. We are here to set the sea on fire. This is The Dream baby and it’s going down – Let’s Go Champ.

LAS VEGAS – This Friday, August 28, outdoor boxing will return to the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center (DLVEC) with “Heavyweight Extravaganza.” Fight week events kick off tomorrow, August 25 with numerous “Open to the Public” offerings including media workouts, final press conference and an official weigh-in leading up to this weekend’s world-class bout.

Promising up-and-coming heavyweight Trevor Bryan (15-0, 11 KOs) will put his unblemished record on the line when he faces his toughest opponent to date, the more experienced Derric Rossy (30-9, 14 KOs), in the 10-round main event of a ShoBox: The New Generation tripleheader live on SHOWTIME® (11 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast).

Two-time Dominican Republic Olympian Juan Ubaldo Cabrera (23-0, 16 KOs), will face Decarlo Perez (14-3-1, 5 KOs), of Atlantic City, N.J., in the 10-round super middleweight co-main event of this Friday’s ShoBox: The New Generation

In the opening bout of the telecast, Samoa’s 6-foot-2 heavyweight Natu Visinia (11-1, 9 KOs) of Tacoma, Wash., will face 5-foot-10 Joey Dawejko (14-4-2, 7 KOs), of Philadelphia, in an eight-round matchup.



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King is yesterday's news. ?When the aura fades, the seams start to show. And Don King, with his bombast, his circuitous way of talking, and his faded set of affectations is nothing but seams.??Jay Caplan Kang I have my own feelings about Don King and most have been molded by what I read in the classic ?The Life and Crimes of Don King? by Jack Newfield. But these are just opinions. What is not an opinion is that Don King apparently wants to somehow, someway remain relevant in the world of boxing even though that world has clearly passed him by, especially since Cloud vs. Hopkins which Cloud lost in May 2013. Hopkins said after this bore fest, ?What a way to put the last nail in the coffin. Who thought it would be me that would shut him (King) down??