Alvarez Gets W Over Prieto on NBC Sports Net Card

Eleider Alvarez from Colombia took on Isidro Prieto in the TV opener on NBC Sports Network on Saturday night, with the Canadian resident looking to make an impression in his home-zone, in this clash of 175s.

Alvarez entered with a 17-0 mark while the Paraguayan was 24-0-3, and while the action was even for much of most rounds, down the stretch, Alvarez was the better boxer. His stiffer resume helped out, as he mixed uppercuts in smartly, and landed more on a game out of towner. After 12, because the WBC silver title was up for grabs, the judges rewarded Alvarez, by scores of 117-111, times three.

No, Alvarez didn’t blow anyone away, though he doesn’t get dismissed as a bum. Alvie went 195-482 to 203-846 for the loser and for that volume disparity, I thought Prieto would get more judge love. I don’t see anyone calling for Alvarez to showdown with Adonis Stevenson, though we could I’m sure see it happen. The winner afterwards lauded Prieto, and would have liked to end it early.

In the first, Alvie feinted and wanted to land a heavy right. Prieto sought to land a counter right, and dipped and showed good head movement. In round two, we saw Alvie, a former bricklayer, in control but also get wobbled. In the third, Al snapped a jab, and a cut opened on the right cheek of Prieto. He landed a heavy right, then. The crowd loved his looping right shot late. Prieto grew up poor, worked as a child, and showed he wasn’t there to get a vacation and payday. Alvie hurled a big right, but Pri handled it OK in the fourth. Prieto gave off an aura of confidence and toughness and aggression. In the fifth, Pri backed up Alvie to start. He ate a sharp right cross. The next round Pri got back to work, landed a clean uppercut. He then landed a flurry and had Alvie hurting, with 1:30 to go in the sixth. Replay showed that a right on the cheek was meaningful.

In the seventh, we saw Alvie control the tone pretty well. In round eight, both did body work early. Prieto threw more loopers now. Alvie did better at going down the middle to take advantage and the uppercut was good for that. In the ninth, Pri bulled forward but was tiring. He kept on banging, through an uppercut sharply to start the round. He lost it, however. Alvie’s uppercuts spoke to me. In the 11th, Alvie came up from underneath, and handled overhand rights fine. In round 12, Prieto threw loopers, kept his hands low, kept rumbling, and we went to the cards..



-oubobcat :

Good fight and Prieto certainly hurt Alvarez a few times. It was much closer than the official scorecards or the announcers made it seem as well. I had it 95-95 entering the last two rounds with Alvarez winning those rounds to win. It seems like prevailing opinion on twitter has been in the 115-113 range either way. Interesting all three judges turned into the same cards with several close rounds and in those rounds Prieto out landed Alvarez...