Verdejo Healing Well

He won his step up fight and whetted appetites with his pop and prowess at MSG. Then he dealt with a hiccup, a bone spur and some surgery. So, how is Felix Verdejo holding up? When will the Top Rank young gun get back to proving what his backers think, that he can walk in the footsteps of Miguel Cotto. And maybe make his own bigger ones…

“Felix’ recovery is going pretty well and he has already started training after his successful left hand surgery,” handler Gardy Lopez told TSS.

Three weeks ago he started running six days a week and two weeks ago he started doing light work at the gym. He’s going to the gym three days a week.”


Verdejo told TSS, “The recovery is quite advanced thanks to God. The wound healed well and I can now make a fist. Everything is going as planned.”

“I’m very grateful with all the fans because since I left the operation room they have been paying attention to how my recovery goes. There is Felix for a long time!”

Ricky Marquez, his trainer / manager, weighed in:

“The rehabilitation process has gone very well. He has been taking therapies since returning from the operation and everything has gone as had been planned.”

The 22 year old looked A grade in taking a UD10 win in NYC and on HBO June 13 over Ivan Najera. Maybe he can heal up and give PR fight fans a holiday treat…

Photo credit : Jason Tang /Top Rank