Mora Thinking No Contest Could Be Right Call

Sergio Mora liked the direction the way his title shot opp was going Saturday night at Barclays Center and on ESPN even though Danny Jacobs nailed him in the first and sent him to the mat. He returned that favor but then it went off the rails in round two. Middleweight titlist Jacobs went at him and as the Cali boxer backed up he tumbled awkwardly and wrenched his right knee and heard his right ankle pop.

Mora got up but it was obvious he was severely impacted. The ref ended it and declared Jacobs a stoppage winner. Not cool, thought Mora. He explains to TSS:

“I’m gathering facts on No Contest rules and speaking with a well known NY attorney now. There is evidence of NC. Injury wasn’t due to punch.”

Unified rules state that if an injury, such as an ankle fracture, is caused by a punch then the injured party is declared the loser. But it is up for debate whether a Jacobs punch caused the leg damage. And besides, replay shows maybe one Jacobs launch landed behind Mora’s head…

“NY permits video replay in cases,” Mora continued. “I believe I have a good case. I will know more soon.”



-Radam G :

Wow! The Latin Snake is wrong. He could not continue after a knockdown. So he was finished. The video is not on his side. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Even if you toss out the first round, Jacobs continued to capitalized off his momentum from the start of the second. ... driving Mora into the ropes on several occassions and stunning the Snake with a stiff jab. Jacobs was hunting and Mora was attempting to evade Jacobs aggression and got caught. When a fighter is falling while partially stunned,.... accidents can and do happen. Tough break. Personally if it were me, I'd take a much more lucrative fight against Quillin than make a lateral move by taking a rematch against a guy he was going to KO anyway and who has never really been in demand by most fans. Jacobs passed his test against the Snake. Mora doesn't have much to work with in my opinion,... after all a punch did land. Also if Mora did break a knee or an ankle like he said, how long does that take to rehab? Six months, a year? Even if it were 90 days, why would anyone waste their time?

-amayseng :

Wow! The Latin Snake is wrong. He could not continue after a knockdown. So he was finished. The video is not on his side. Holla!
Agreed Jacobs landing a right hand to the head which bent SM and sent his momentum towards the canvas.. Shame though, had turned into a very compelling fight with Mora doing the unbelievable, putting a guy on the deck