Prichard Colon knocks out Michael Finney in the 2nd on PBC’s ESPN Showcase

In a scheduled 6 rounder, Cuban prospect, Prichard Colon (15-0, 11 KOs) made quick work of American, Michael Finney(12-4-1, 10 KOs) in a junior Middleweight tilt. The first round was fairly pedestrian, but Colon opened up in the second and floored Finney with a huge right hook followed by multiple combinations. Finney beat the count, but was out on his feet with 1:37 remaining in the round when the fight was correctly stopped.

Finney was 0-3-1 in his last four fights, so it’s hard to gauge Colon’s performance to a degree, but you certainly could not ask for much more. The young man has real power in that right hand and he has at minimum set himself up as someone to watch.



-amayseng :

Finny was what 0-4-1 in his last few...But put on tv for PBC..what a sham

-Bernie Campbell :

Please dont give Rosie Perez an RSVP anymore! Too damn typical!