Source: If Kovalev And Pascal Win, They Do Rematch

It makes sense, from a context perspective. Sergey Kovalev and Jean Pascal engaged in a pretty decent rumble a few months ago.

They are both set to throw leather, in seperate bouts, at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night.

Connect the dots, is my thinking…

Indeed, a source in the position to know tells me that a deal is in place which would see Kovalev fighting the 29-3-1 Pascal, “early next year;” a verbal agreement has been activated, the source tells me.

That person noted that Pascal deserves props because he’s not taking a gimme fight against Yunieski Gonzalez, a 16-0 Cuban, who is, however, taking two steps up, on paper.

JP wants to up his Q rating in the US, he already does quite well in his Canada, and that’s why he’s rolling the dice vs the Cuban, with a tasty option, a Kovalev payday/rematch, in his grasp.



-SouthPawFlo :

If Kovalev can't get Ward or Stevenson, I see that being a good Money fight for him later in the fall... The first match was entertaining

-oubobcat :

This is boxing politics 101. Kovalev has nobody else left to fight with the exception of Andre Ward. Ward, at the moment, seems to want at least one more fight before entertaining the notion of stepping in with Kovalev. The earliest we could see the fight would be the 2nd half of next year. So other than Isaac Chilemba (seriously that's it), there is nobody else left for Kovalev at the moment other than a guy he beat pretty thoroughly back in March. Unless of course Gonzalez springs the upset of Pascal and then he emerges as next in line naturally. But the other fighters are either with Haymon or overseas making good money with no reason to come over to take on Kovalev (Braehmer or Abraham). So tonight is about showcasing and selling Kovalev-Pascal II because well that's all that is left at the moment for Kovalev, HBO and Main Events in the Light Heavyweight division. Unless there is a sudden public outcry for an Isaac Chilemba fight...

-Gabrielito :

Yikes. Are Pascal's people trying to get him hurt? First fight was entertaining but one-sided. Kovalev hurt him with every clean shot he landed, which happened more and more as the fight went on. Yes Pascal was brave and kept himself in it by landing hail-mary wild right hands, but he had zero game plan, while Kovalev produced a right hook from his tool box to set up the KO shots. Pascal was probably knocked out twice in that fight. Isacc Chilemba is a competitive match, but one that SK should win by attrition.

-deepwater2 :

Kovalev might have ruined Pascal. Pascal should fight a few c level fighters at home and cash out.

-amayseng :

Kovalev might have ruined Pascal. Pascal should fight a few c level fighters at home and cash out.
Agreed, look at how many solid shots Gonz landed on Pascal with Pascal showing no physical damage, then look at Pascal after the Kovalev fight, looked like he was tortured for hours... Pascal takes another beating from SK and he wont be the same

-Froggy :

Kovalev might have ruined Pascal. Pascal should fight a few c level fighters at home and cash out.
Too bad Pascals countryman Adonis doesn't take up the challenge [I think he will at some point] what's the worst that can happen ? Baring something tragic, the worst that can happen is he gets KO'ed and makes more money in one fight than in all of his title defenses combined !