Chris Arreola and Fred Kassi Fight to Majority Draw

In the TV opener of a Saturday #PBConCBS show, fan friendly rumbler Chris Arreola, he of the everyman physique and yen for unhealthy foods like all of us, took on fellow heavyweight Fred Kassi, a journeyman sort.

Arreola, the Cali based boxer trying to build to getting another title shot, was in tough with stubborn and in shape Kassi. After ten close rounds, we went to the cards and the result hung in the air: the scores read 96-94 for Arreola, but two 95-95 cards made it a majority draw.

After, Arreola gave Kassi props and was asked if he did enough to get a shot against Deontay Wilder. No, he said, not really…but if he gets it, he said he will be better prepared. Kassi said he thought he won maybe every round and was disappointed in the decision.

Arreola (36-4 entering; age 34) mixed in head and body work and Kassi did well to show his willpower and stay standing up. He switched righty then lefty and wasn’t as busy as the Hispanic hitter. In the sixth, we saw the Cameroonian Kassi (18-3 entering; age 35) come forward to start out. He was busier than in some previous rounds and Arreola was backing up, having to play defense. Arreola stepped it up in the seventh, and backed Kassi to the ropes. Arreola got tagged off a break but knew it was because he turned away, and wasn’t properly defending himself. Kassi banged jabs into Arreola as he advanced, without moving head and torso on the way in.

Arreola looked to stamp the round with his hard work in the ninth, and he ate a hard right late as Kassi showed he wasn’t conceding the round. In the tenth and final round, Chris was able to back Kassi up.A clean Kassi right might have been the hardest strike of the round…We went to the cards…

Photo Credit: Esther Lin/CBS



-amayseng :

wow what a boring and uneventful fight. I literally fell asleep twice during it. Only reason I gave it time of day is because I was catching a break from working outside. Ended up turning on some golf. It is funny to see how the commentators were talking up CA prior to the fight about being up next for a title shot with D Wilder.