Willie Nelson TKOs Tony Harrison on PBC/ESPN TV Opener

Willie “Not That One” Nelson upset Tony Harrison, sending him down and out in round nine of ten in the PBC on ESPN TV opener.

The 154er Harrison couldn’t beat the count and the Ohio based boxer exulted massively.

Harrison (now 21-1), a Detroit and Manny Steward product, pouted after, as Harrison tried to buck him up.

A right high on the head, a left hit and a right follow did it…

He went on his booty, and tried to get up, but was discombobulated.

It was a TKO because he got up, but he turned his back to the ref.

After, Nelson (24-2) said he wanted a fight against Demetrius Andrade, K9 Bundrage, Erislandy Lara and Floyd Mayweather.



-brownsugar :

Nelson was saving that up the whole fight....way to close the show!

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

If Nelson didn't have head problems, he would be a serious threat at 154 or 160. He is 6'3 and athletic, but he doesn't utilize his range properly. He got out jabbed by Harrison, who was the shorter boxer. This is a trend for Willie, not fighting long and letting his hands go consistently. He got lucky last night and Harrison got exposed. The brother had too many Friday Night Fights soft touches and got knocked out against a C+ fighter.

-brownsugar :

Agreed, Nelson has had many precarious outings, but this fight extended his career a bit longer. Maybe he can get Bundrage or Charlo in a title shot.

-oubobcat :

This was a classic example of how not to build a fighter. Harrison was fed nothing but soft touches up to this point. The last guy he fought and ko'd on Friday Night Fights in May looked like he'd been found by Haymon's people the night before at the local tavern. Harrison has talent but was not ready for such a test after fighting nobody who provided any resistance. He faced adversity and didn't know how to respond. Joseph Diaz also fought on Saturday night and faced Rene Alvarado. Alvarado is a solid experienced veteran with skills and will to win. He pushed Diaz and pushed Diaz hard at times. But was limited enough where the more skilled Diaz was still able to get the better of him and do enough to win a hard fought decision. It was a great learning experience that will make Diaz better in the future. It was not an easy push over knockout that a fighter learns nothing from and only over inflates their ego. Diaz did not look great and was not all the buzz Sunday morning. But because of this fight he will grow and learn and one day become the buzz on a Sunday morning unlike Harrison who was left picking up the pieces.

-Kid Blast :

What is a "left hit"?