Mayfield Optimistic He Gets Floyd Fight

Who will Floyd fight next?  It reached a ridic crescendo last time, with a ‘will he or won’t he’ with Manny Pacquiao dance going on for months…this time, it’s more mellow. But that doesn’t mean folks aren’t lining up for a crack.

Karim Mayfield, the 34 year old San Fran hitter, has his hand raised, high and hard.

He grew up in San Fran, in an inner city pocket, not a free love Haight Ashbury, progressive and mod sort of place. “I’m happy now, life wasn’t so happy then,” he told me. “There was a lot of murders and stuff. I had like 20 friends killed over like 15 years. But my life has turned out pretty well.” Indeed; and a Mayweather lottery ticket would get it to another level.

The Daly City resident told me Floyd mentioned him as a possible a couple weeks ago and he hasn’t heard from Team Mayweather, but he is optimistic.

Karim is married, with four kids, and owns a 19-2-1 mark. The two losses came when he was on hiatus with longtime trainer Ben Bautista, he said, so he sees those as an aberration.

Mayfield told me Floyd has earned whatever fight he wants, after being browbeaten into taking the Pacman fight, with many folks implying he was a coward before that.

People bring up Keith Thurman and Triple G, but Floyd will do what he wants, Mayfield said…and he hopes it’s him. He thinks his “bring it” style will press Floyd, make a fan-friendly bout, and he of course assumes Floyd has watched him and sees kinks in that armor.

He told me he will make it a more exciting scrap than Pacman did, because he “will take more chances.”

Floyd did what he had to do to get to 48-0, Mayfield said, and he gets why Floyd fights in the manner he does, knowing he has a post-boxing life to deal with. “He’s got a family to feed,” he said. And, should Mayfield get that Sept. 12, feeding his own family will be that much easier, because the payday would be immense. His fingers are crossed, he told me. “I have a lot of support here in the Bay Area, there are a lot of teams, we would sell out Vegas!”