TSS Q-n-A: Mauricio Herrera

Mauricio Herrera faces Hank Lundy in a 10-round junior welterweight contest on Saturday July 11 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. The riveting matchup, promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, will be featured on HBO Latino. The telecast begins at 11:00 p.m. ET. Will the crafty Herrera be able to box his way to the win?

The Sweet Science: You are an excellent boxer who seems to have a hard time getting judges to see things your way. Most people thought you soundly beat Danny Garcia and Jose Benavidez. Why do you think you keep getting a raw deal from judges?

Mauricio Herrera: I haven’t gotten the decisions and that’s just the way it is. It’s frustrating but it’s what fuels me for July 11th. All I can do is use it as fuel.

TSS: Is there anything you believe you can or should do differently in fights to get the nod from the judges? Are you adding any wrinkles to your game? Why or why not?

MH: We aren’t changing too much, just to continue fighting smart, and as I said, use the last few fights as fuel. If I need to stop him, I’ll stop him but the key is to stay smart and focused.

TSS: Hank Lundy is a tough fighter. How do you attack someone like that?

MH: Yeah, he is a tough fighter, but things like working behind the jab, using movement, and most importantly not getting frustrated [is how you attack him].

TSS: At age 35, do you feel like it’s now or never as far as getting another big world title fight? And, who you would like to face next if you get past Lundy?

MH: Not at all, I’ve seen my ups and downs and I’m still here. I want a title fight so I’m going to keep fighting for that.

TSS: What is your prediction from the Lundy fight?

MH: Come July 11th, class is in session and “El Maestro” will be victorious.

TSS: You mentioned your nickname, El Maestro. It means “teacher” in Spanish, but what does it mean to you?

MH: It’s all about fighting smart and using my technique, out-boxing and frustrating my opponent.



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Mauricio Herrera should have this. I want to see this guy get back in the top level light welter weight mix, where he belongs. Get in there and go to work MH; Greb style. :)