Oscar Valdez Looks Solid in UD10 W Over Tamayo

In the HBO TV opener from the Stub Hub Center in Carson, CA., Oscar Valdez, who promoter Top Rank hopes is a future star who will appeal to the Mexican set, beat Ruben Tamayo, via UD10.

No drama as we awaited the cards..98-90, 98-90, 99-90 for Valdez.

Overall, he looked solid, didn’t make anyone lose their mind in anticipation of seeing him again..Solid prospect at this point, one whose power might be a tick less than some thought he possessed.

The Mexico resident Valdez (15-0), age 24, was 127 pounds, and Tamayo (25-5-4 entering; from Mexico) was 128 pounds.

In the first, the righty Valdez was patient, three a three punch combo to good effect, on the lefty. He feinted, did the two time Mexican Olympian, on the taller foe. Saw some good D, as Valdez blocked shots…but then he hit the deck. Was it a foot tangle or no? Dad Oscar Sr told him to vary his velocity after the round. Replay showed the leg/foot tangle helped cause the knockdown.

In the second, Oscar looked to get advantageous angles, ripped left hooks, started out nasty. Tamayo threw wildly, covered up, then tried double jabs. Two sharp rights jazzed the crowd and stung Tam late.

In the third, Tam landed a couple right hooks. He was busier this round, and they edged closer, both of them, worked inside more. Lead rights worked for OV here. In round four, OV was on message…he threw combos, slipped jabs, moved smartly, won the round. In the fifth, Oscar stayed calm, in control, confident. He of course kept on barking as he threw, ate a right as he backed up, wasn’t bothered by it.

More of the same in the sixth, with Tamayo maybe getting clean looks a bit more. The TV crew, Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, Andre Ward, commented on how Oscar could vary his velocity better…

In the seventh, ref took one point from Tam for going low. Oscar went 31-66 to 7-41 for Tam.

In the eighth, Valdez won the round, in the same manner. In round nine and then ten, Oscar get looking to score big. The right eye was swollen bad on Tam, and he was lucky the fight finished, because he was a one-eyed man. We went to the cards…



-amayseng :

Valdez has all the tools except punching power. Or perhaps Tamayo is made of granite

-Art :

When Valdez learns to turn his left hook over, he'll be a much better fighter. He's young and still learning but his team should have taught him this by now. He has good reflexes, work rate and skill but he's probably been KO'ing his opponents with his right hand.