Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley’s D-Day

INDIO, CA.-Early Saturday morning more than 100 people including media waited for Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley to arrive to his desert boxing gym facility.

The former welterweight champion Bradley (31-1-1, 12 Kos) seeks to recapture the WBO title when he faces Las Vegas fighter Jessie Vargas (26-0, 9 Kos) at the StubHub Center in Carson. HBO will televise the June 27th Top Rank fight card.

It’s been 71 years since Allied troops hit the beaches at Normandy, France to turn the tide during World War II and it’s on this day that “Desert Storm” Bradley chose to welcome and thank his fans. They came in abundance with babies, sons and daughters, grandparents rich and poor.

“He’s such a nice person,” said one woman sitting nearby with her husband snapping photos.

Bradley has a strong base in the Palm Springs desert region. Growing up in the desert he’s accustomed to the cold and extremely hot temperatures and prefers to work out near his base.
Lately, he has felt something was lacking. He felt it against Diego Chaves of Argentina and he felt it against Manny Pacquiao. Bradley knows his next fight is red hot critical.

“I want to be strong and get a decisive win over Vargas – like knock him out and put him to sleep,” said Bradley to the crowd. “I know he’s going to have a will to win but I am generating more power in camp. I’ve gone back to my roots in training, doing things which got me to this high level.”

Bradley performed his warm up exercises hitting the mitts, speed bag and heavy bag. Then he brought out the big guns and big hammer as he pounded a large truck tire with a massive sledgehammer that would make Thor’s look wimpy.

“I am not on a vegan diet for this training camp. I am eating fish, chicken and once a week, steak, to help build up my strength and power,” said Bradley.

Now 31 years old, Bradley knows that time is running out and that Vargas has youth on his side.

“I need a clear decisive win over Jessie Vargas. I need to knock him out,” said Bradley. “He’s where I was years ago. I know he’s young, hungry and wants to war.”

Joel Diaz, who has trained Bradley for all of his pro fights, said that Vargas cannot be overlooked, but his charge still has all of his weapons.

“This is a hard camp but we are facing a fighter who hungers to win. But Tim has too much power and more experience than Vargas,” said Diaz.

Lee Samuels, representative for Top Rank, said the winner will get a huge prize but he could not say what the reward will be.

— Photo Credit : Chris Farina – Top Rank



-StormCentre :

This should be a good fight. Vargas (a light welterweight and whom has never before fought professionally - let alone in a championship bout against a seasoned veteran like Bradley - as a welterweight) has some good moves, can be pretty slick - actually smooth is a better word - at times, he has a load of determination, and he is pretty fresh. Vargas also has some credible and decent wins over some good guys at light welterweight too. Still, despite all this, Bradley "should" be able to hold Vargas off though. I will be surprised if the necessities of career progress has not placed Vargas in a position where even he knows that; but, despite it all, still Jessie must take and make the fight. This all - in
StormCentre's opinion - means Vargas is a cool dude, with stones, that - in some ways - can't lose. If Bradley treats him like Lamont Peterson or Alexander - both of whom (on the right day) would probably get Jessie in too deep for Vargas to operate successfully and smoothly - Tim taxes that azz hard.
- Subject Change - For many reasons, including; A) How Bradley first won his WBC light welterweight title 2008 against Junior Witter. B) How the gym Witter comes from is the same as Kell. C) How Witter and the gym itself have both, undoubtedly, influenced Kell. D) How Ingle's gym has manufactured some exciting and technically unique pugilists; such as - but not limited to - Naseem Hamed and Junior Witter. I would like to see Bradley fight Kell Brook. Previously I didn't, but I have now had time now to have a good look at Brook. He does a lot of things right. Previously, just before the Porter fight I think; some posters here had brought Kell's skills to my attention but I had not noticed and/or "seen" them then. Aside from the fact that Brendan Ingle and his gym probably represents one of the best places in the world to go and learn how to box and/or switch hit; I think Brook probably represents a nice hybrid style mix between Witter and Hamed, but with the explicit and extremely overt showboating removed. Brook has excellent timing, a great sense of distance, good stamina, some very unorthodox punches, the ability to (sensibly) switch hit without it being a liability, and very good power. He will not only destroy Kahn (if they ever meet) - but also give problems to any top welterweight. Brook pulled some very good moves on Carson. Check it out if you have the time. :) :)

-Denise Alvarez :

Vargas has never fought anyone of Bradley 's caliber, he is up for his first loss. Easy fight for Timmy Bradley.

-Denise Alvarez :

Vargas has never fought anyone of Bradley 's caliber, he is up for his first loss. Easy fight for Timmy Bradley.