Roach Shares Top Advice He Got From His Mom

Miguel Cotto and Freddie Roach visited the Brooklyn Bridge today, for a photo pop, ahead of Cotto’s Saturday clash in defense of his WBC middleweight belt, against Daniel Geale.

Cotto is more than well acquainted with NYC, being that Madison Square Garden has been a boxing home to him, though he’s shifted residence to Barclays this go round…

But, I wondered, what about Roach? He’s a Mass-hole…as am I.

Born in Dedham, Mass…I had to wonder…does he get hives when he gets into that New York state of mind and space? Does he hold a passionate dislike for Bucky Effin Dent and the Yankees and by extension all things New York?

No way, Roach told me, he’s cool with New York. “I like the Yankees and stuff,” he said. “I could never afford to come to New York,” he joked. The Roaches never really piled into the wagon and visited the Statue of Liberty and such, they preferred Maine. “And my first pro fight was in Maine, six rounds, $90 bucks. Johnny Gags was the promoter,” he recalled.

Boxing is a family to Freddie, and his mom is still there for him, and a source of stability. She has shared her wisdom and he adheres to it, he said. Two of her best takeaways? Always brush your teeth…and never get married.

Wait…mom advised you never to get hitched?

Yep, he told me.

He came close, six years ago, he admitted.

He got engaged. She said his religious beliefs were not strong enough so they parted ways. The atheist admitted that sometimes Manny Pacquiao looks to bring him a bit into the fold, and Freddie tells him thanks, I’m good.

He doesn’t see there being a heaven and a hell. “If being a good person isn’t enough…” he says, sharing his concept of morality boundaries.

We are three days away from fight-night..

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-Froggy :

Good man and smart mom !

-kidcanvas :

interesting ! the writer woodsy's a Mass-hole, the trainer Freddie who its about is a Mass-hole and i, reading it, is a western Mass-hole resident... weeeeeeeeeee