Heather Hardy Beats Bosques in BK

Local hero Heather Hardy, seeking and succeeding in building a national rep, took on Noemi Bosques at Barclays Center, on the Khan-Algieri undercard, and used her volume to snag the W in Brooklyn. Hardy got the judge love, via split decision, by scores of 77-75 (Hardy), 77-75 (Bosques), 79-73 (Hardy).

The judge who saw it for Bosques plain got it wrong, in my opinion.

In the first, Hardy came forward, mixed up her shots, looked to be first, dictate tone. In the second, Bosq moved, slid backwards, ate left hooks, ate jabs. In the third, Hardy came forward, pressed, showed volume, and power, and won rounds. Bosq clanged a right, but threw it backing up, and Hardy didn’t budge. In round four, Hardy landed a sharp right, right before the bell, and the crowd dug it. In the fifth, Heather ate a lead right which surprised her. Was she tiring? Again, she ate a counter right, but probably took the round in the sixth. In the seventh, the busier boxer was Hardy. In the eighth, Hardy slipped, dipped, ripped shots, nothing that hurt her foe, but enough to take the round. Bosq wanted the power right to land but Heat was cognizant of it.

They traded some to end the fight…

Photo by Ed Diller/DiBella Entertainment



-kidcanvas :

i did a double take ,she looks just like Cerise on Game of thrones ! very pretty ..