WHAT TOOK US SO LONG? Little Man, Big Power, Chocolatito Destroys Sosa on HBO

America is good at many things but we have some trouble when it comes to judging the worth of people correctly. Monied folk get a free pass and are lionized too often, despite conduct which deserves scorn if not imprisonment. We like our super models skeletal and we do not universally embrace “the little guys,” boxers under 126 or so pounds. Bigger is usually seen as better in our society and Roman “Chocolatito” on Saturday struck a small blow against that bias basis, when he showed his stuff, all 112 pounds of it, on HBO, in Los Angeles.

Little guy, XL power, big bump in popularity and curiosity…

The reigning flyweight champ Choc beat Edgar Sosa, a former 108 pound champion,  at the Forum, and he showed off skills an XL dude would drool at.

He puts his punches together seamlessly, each one flowing into the next. Three knockdowns had the ref pulling the plug in the second, and I dare say all who watched are not uninterested in seeing more from the victor.

Choc went 72-130 to 14-106 for the beaten.

Sosa felt the power from the left and the right from the get go. The ending came at 2:37 of the second.

Choc (42-0 with 36 KOs) is 27, vs 35 for Sosa (51-8, with 30 KOs; from Mexico). Sosa needed an extra hour to make 112; they were 124 and 125 on fight night, a big ole jump after taking in proper food and drink.

In the first, Choc landed nasty. He was in Sosa’s face, and he hit the deck with 1:222, but it was a push. Choc’s pressure was immense. The left hook is so smooth, and he throws with no tightness, and it lands hard.

In the second, Choc moved forward, slipped right and left, chin tucked, gloves up, dipped right, threw left hooks. Sosa was on the back foot, and his jab in retreat couldn’t keep Choc off. A right sent Sosa down, and he was up at nine. A left hook sent him down again. With 55 seconds left, more punishment. More fury and down he went again. That was it.

After, Choc spoke to Max Kellerman. He thanked all for the opportunity and said he did it for the fans, and this is why he gets up at 4 AM to train. He cited the legend Alexis Arguello, the late legend, who trained him. He said he does look forward to fighting the skilled rival from Japan, Naoya Inoue.



-amayseng :

Special is what he is. Very impressed with his subtle nuances most wont pick up on.

-Radam G :

A-seng said it all. That RG is special and with subtle nuances that are a little big man G blindness for more. Holla!

-Carmine Cas :


-brownsugar :

This guy is beautiful to watch. Glad he's finally getting some prime air time. Hope to see more

-King Beef :

This guy is beautiful to watch. Glad he's finally getting some prime air time. Hope to see more
Definitely deserves that mainstream exposure.

-Kid Blast :

In the precise manner of the great Ricardo ?El Finito? L?pez, Chocolatito (43-0) combined his devastating power with picture-perfect technical skills as he throttled Sosa with a carefully engineered plan of destruction beginning midway in the first round. He then blew away the ex-champion (now 51-9) in the second round with three crunching knockdowns. The first came as a result of a right cross. The second resulted from a left hook. And the third and final knockdown came at the end of a savage, albeit precise volley of heavy-handed blows that had the crowd up and roaring. He was everything hardcore fans expected and more as he landed 59% of his power shots. Chocolatito, a great sportsman, added to his aura by making sure Sosa was okay as soon as the stoppage occurred

-Kid Blast :

Gonz?lez, a three-division titlist, is looking better and better in each new weight class he enters and is bringing his debilitating power with him. Down the road, one possible showdown is a Gonz?lez-Estrada rematch but should Gonz?lez make the move to 115, there is a mega fight waiting for him and the fans in Naoye Inoue.

-the Roast :

That was my first time seeing Gonzalez after reading the hype here on our site. Very exciting pressure fighter, every punch had a purpose. I will be watching the next time he fights for sure.