Arum Touches on “Competitors” Who May Be “Breaking the Law”

It is clear, that if some battlers in the Cold War have thawed relations, there are still pockets of enmity existing within the sport.

Promoter Bob Arum made that clear when he talked about the future of the sport, of his company, Top Rank. The company is in good shape, he said on Tuesday at the #MayPac media center, with a building block of young guns, like Jessie Vargas, Jose Ramirez, Oscar Valdez, Igor Mehkhontsev, and the like, and has built solid alliances, with people like Zanfer Promotions, and Fernando Beltran and Matchroom in England and Golden Boy.

“We’re loaded…I think our future looks bright and we’re going to look with great care with people who consider ourselves our competitors (if they are) are breaking the law or not breaking the law.”

No, he wouldn’t specify who he was talking about, but hardcore fight fans can guess and predict correctly, I think,  who he is talking about.

Cold War, not yet, if ever, thawed…

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-Bernie Campbell :

Arum has got to be the biggest Putz in the Boxing Business, it wasnt too long ago that he downplayed Chavez jr, smoking grass on national television! He is an idiot, think of all the kids that listened to his rhetoric, think of all the kids whose lives may have been negatively affected! Do you think he gives a sh--!

-Chris L :

I don't know how Haymon is breaking the law, but I know how he's breaking the hearts of boxing fans by putting on mismatch after mismatch.