Better-Be-Covering Up: Russian Bomber Smashes Campillo

In the TV opener of the first PBC on CBS series, Russian Artur Beterbiev took on Gabriel Campillo from Quebec, in a light heavyweight tangle.

The patient prtedator, maybe in the mold of the Golovkins and Kovalevs, started strong and finished the same; the time of the stop was 2:23 of round four, as AB threw a half jab-right-left hook combo on the vet, who was out of it before the left hook dropped.

In the first, Campillo went down, at 2:01. Bet (8-0, with 8 Ks) went high, then low, when Camp hung in there. A sweeping right buckled him. In the second, Bet pumped a jab, while the taller Camp was gun shy. In round three, the straight-up Camp jabbed some but wasn’t into letting go, because he knew he’d leave himself open. In the fourth, the righty jabbed and dropped a bomb right, a modified uppercut, then a left hook for good measure crack. Down went Camp, and he was done.

The winner was asked if he’s ready for a title shot. Basically, yes, after a rest, he said. He said he doesn’t come looking for kayos, and is happy to get some work, with the almost four rounds.

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Good showing over a shopworn competitor. Betebiev is skilled and dangerous. A tad green but he easily gets into the top ten ...even at this early stage. But i wonder how he does against an elusive tricky boxer like Chilemba?