Jermell Charlo Beats Vanes Martirosyan UD10

In the Showtime TV opener, from the Palms in Las Vegas, we saw Vanes Martirosyan meet Jermell Charlo in a 154 pound showdown, a clash between one guy who has sniffed the mountain top and another who wants to see what all the fuss is about.

Charlo landed about twenty more shots, and took a UD10, by 97-93, 96-94, 96-94, but neither man left viewers craving to see them more. Vanes sadly won’t get to the mountain apex with such efforts and Charlo won’t become the star he says he wants to be.

The hitters had been friendly, had worked out together, but barked at each other pre-fight. Charlo is the twin, younger by one minute, to bro Jermall.

Cali based Vanes was 35-1-1 entering, while the Texan Charlo was 25-0.

In the first, we saw Charlo backing up, moving laterally, while Vanes advanced.

In the second, Vanes worked to the body well. He landed 13 of 33, to five landed for the Texan.

In the third, the action heated up. Charlo popped a jab, and he was plain busier than the previous one. His corner had told him to perk up. In the fourth, Vanes feinted a jab, but knew he wanted to land thunder. Charlo slid left, mostly, landed a crisp two after a one, and was able to use his mobility to edge keep the distance to his liking. Vanes’ hands aren’t crazy fast and we saw Charlo being able to slip punches adeptly.

In the fifth, after Ronnie Shields told Charlo top be busier, hungrier. The action was tight, nobody was putting their imprint on it, pulling away. It got busier in the sixth, and Charlo had his most connects, 18. In round seven, we saw Vanes load up and miss wide, a message sent to the judges that the other guy is more adept.

In round eight, they butted heads, and Vanes winced, and we saw a cut. The left eye had a gash. The doc examined it and Vanes told him his vision was blurry but he could continue. He did and showed a bit more fire.

In the ninth, the ref warned Vanes for throwing low. Both men had their times in the frame. In round ten, neither man pulled away. We went to the cards..

Vanes landed

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-Radam G :

Not a good fight. I thought that it was a draw at the least. Holla!

-oubobcat :

I had Charlo slightly ahead but really this could have gone either way. Both were very hesitant to let their hands go during this fight. Charlo showed a good jab when he wanted but didn't throw it nearly enough. And Vanes had success early with some aggression and body punches but then stopped that altogether. It was really the kind of fight that neither won and both of their stocks took a hit.