Viking Halts Hapless Comanche Boy

DANCES WITH WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING – The Nordic Fight Night’s well-promoted, elaborately hyped “Clash of the Clans” last Saturday was anti-climactic, to put it mildly, in an affair that transpired far too mildly to be considered a tough fight.

The totally one-sided encounter in which local hero Patrick Nielsen stopped US visitor George Tahdooahnippah, who retired after the seventh session, could barely be called much of a battle at all. The Oklahoman never appeared to get out of the starting blocks. Meanwhile, Nielsen bolted to an immediate, irreversible advantage behind a strong, southpaw jab.

Tahdooahnippah tried to employ some sort of tippy-toed, peekaboo stance and reach over Nielsen’s right leads with awkward counters, but he was always forced backward and couldn’t get his feet set to fire any serious punches back. The multi-image inked Nielsen applied his own tattoo job, and improved to 24-1 overall while notching his 12th KO.

Overall, the best movement from Team Tahdooahnippah came from a Native American dancer during his ring walk. The “Comanche Boy’s” left eye was tenderized by the 2nd frame, as his corner vainly implored him to “start punchin’ with this guy!”

Three stinging lefts made Tahdooahnippah stumble, and when Nielsen tripled up effectively again, it was a very bad sign for the visitor. In the 3rd, a pair of lefts to the neck and body crumpled Tahdooahnippah to the canvas. He took an 8 count and appeared relatively unfazed, then waved Nielsen in and invited another attack to the body by motioning to his unprotected ribs. Nielsen gladly complied, and continued to pile up the points, unanswered. Eventually, Tahdooahnippah’s trainer David Bourne understood the inevitable and informed his charge, “If you don’t throw punches I’m gonna stop this.”

In the contrasting home corner, Joe Gamache told Nielsen, “He’s nothing. Don’t give him too much respect.” Nielsen followed instructions about working off the jab and increasing pressure well. By that point, Tahdooahnippah probably should have called upon his previous Greco-Roman wresting experience, but there were actually few clinches in the slow paced contest. After Nielsen continued to dominate throughout the seventh session, an unmarked Tahdooahnippah and his corner called it an early night and retired for an officially announced ending at 0:01 in the 8th round.

“This was an important victory for me,” said Nielsen afterward. “I would have liked to knock him down again, but I’m pleased with my performance.”

Nielsen gained the vacant WBA International Super-middleweight title. He will go on to bigger boxing events with solid backing from his promoter Sauerland Events.

From media information, it sounds like the well rounded Tahdooahnippah, now 34-2-2 (24), has other options. Judging by his performance outside Copenhagen, he might start exploring them. For boxing on Saturday night, the main event was pretty rotten in Denmark.



-Skibbz :

Nice reporting and a shame for the Comanche Boy but he met a better man on the weekend. Downloaded a crisp copy of the fight to watch later on in the week, will be a first glimpse at the viking southpaw too.