Erick Bone Subs In For Roberto Garcia Vs. Porter on Spike

FRIDAY AM UPDATE: Word is still that Bone gets the slot, but the rumor mill is a grinding, after Karim Mayfield on Thursday night said the Porter slot was offered to him. Team Bone as of Friday AM say as far as they know, they are fighting tonight. Versus Porter. The boxer will weigh in before his fight, at 9 PM, manager Eli Mackay told me.

There was no social update from Mayfield after the initial announcement Tweet, so take that for what it’s worth. Which might be nuthin’ lol…

We shall see; this is boxing, we could and should expect anything. But I think, THINK, you will see Porter-Bone tonight on Spike.

Roberto Garcia never weighed in and the show must go on, and a foe had to be found for Showtime Shawn Porter.

So NY-based Erick Bone, a 16-1 hitter from Ecuador, will get the call, and sub in, I am told. Eli Mackay, Bone’s manager, told me he got a call on Wednesday night, asking if his kid would step in. Hell yes, said Mackay, he’s been training hard.

He was supposed to fight sometime in April, so he’s ready to rock.

Mackay tells me Bone’s a “scientist, he knows how to figure guys out. He sees what he has to do to win the round and give the guy a beating.”

This is a testament to staying ready, in shape, and being ready to rumble at a moment’s notice. No word yet on what happened with the Texan Garcia..

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-deepwater2 :

Garcia was picked to lose,he never got over getting clipped in his last fight. He didn't feel like being the man to showcase Porter . PVC can try to sanitize boxing but it can never deal with the b level opponents not showing up to get their beating.