No Female Boxer Has More Buzz Than Heather Hardy Right Now

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Graham

I dare say she is the hottest woman in pro boxing, and hey, before you level me with on point counterpunching that I shouldn’t be touching on the attractiveness of a female athlete, as I wouldn’t attach the same import to a male one, let me point out that I’m talking about buzz. Yes, Heather Hardy, who gloves up against TBD at Barclays Center on April 11, has stirred up a degree of buzz which at least bears watching. The right-handed boxer-puncher, who fights under the Lou DiBella promotional umbrella, has improved leaps and bounds since she debuted as a pro in August 2012. She puts her punches together smartly, uses both hands, paces herself, and is on track to be headlining larger shows soon-ish, if and when some brave (and smart) soul takes the leap, and figures out they can build cards around the talented hitters with the other chromosomes.

As for the buzz, if you got a beef with me, and want to nominate another fighting female as the “hottest” in the industry, tell me then what other boxer did scenes with Louis CK, the talented funnyman whose show (“Louie”) runs on FX. “I shot an episode with Louis CK which will run on his next season, which starts in April, and should run the third or fourth week in April,” the 33-year-old Brooklyner told me. “We shot in the West Village, on 7th Ave. I can’t talk about the script, but I can say I wasn’t a boxer. But I was a badass. I did the scene opposite Louis! And he reminded me of you, you have the same sense of humor!”

Hardy is now 12-0 with 2 KOs. She said the CK people called her, and she ran lines, and they dug her. They wanted a real fighter, and she doesn’t get nervous in front of the camera, they noted. DiBella told me that he knew she had that it quality from the get go. “From the first time I met her!” He said the Hollywood side-work is key, until “they start paying properly for women’s boxing.”

“The Heat” had some screen time on “Mysteries of Laura” last month, as well, so she’s assembling a solid reel.

The mom of a pre-teen daughter also trains folks at Gleason’s, in addition.

She’s grinding hard, being patient, and yes indeed, might be looking to audition for the uber advisor Al Haymon, who should be present in Brooklyn for the April 11 show. What about being his first female signee? “Wouldn’t that be something,” she said.

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