TUESDAY UPDATE: Andrade Vs. Lara

Demetrius Andrade put out a press release Monday which poked at Cuban slickster Erislandy Lara. You can see that, below, then a response from Lara, and at bottom, a response to the response from the father of Andrade.

Here it is:

Providence, RI (March 2, 2015)–After WBO number-one ranked Jr. Middleweight Jermell Charlo decided to not fight fight WBO Jr. Middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade, Andrade's father/trainer Paul then turned his attention to a fight with WBA belt holder Erislandy Lara.

“We signed a contract to fight Charlo a month ago,” said Paul Andrade. “He opted to fight a guy that we beat already in Vanes Martiroysan. I don't even think Charlo will beat him. I can see Vanes out bullying him and win a decision about eight rounds to four. That's in the past and now we have to look towards the future.”

That future hopefully includes Lara. “The real fight for us is with Lara. Fighting Charlo would not have done much for us anyway. That would have been like a man fighting a boy. We are calling Lara out but he has had no response. He doesn't have a dance partner, so the time is right for both of us.”

Andrade believes turn about is fair play for the Cuban as he talked his way into a fight with Canelo Alvarez last year and now it's time for him to be on the receiving end of somebody ready, willing and able to fight him.

“Lara thought he was cute by calling out Canelo by going to his press conference. He and trying to embarrass him and goad Canelo into a fight. Lara is now in that position. We would go to one of your press conferences and embarrass you but you don't even have a fight on the table, so there is no press conference for you. Why don't you step up like Canelo and be a man and accept our challenge like Canelo did for you.

“I guess it's not so cute for him anymore. And if you do step to the plate, you can bring your running shoes because you are a better runner then boxer.”

Said Arthur Pelullo of Banner Promotions, co-promoter of Andrade, “This is a fight that Demetrius wants. Last year he wanted wanted a fight with Canelo. Canelo had and has other plans now so why not fight the man who some people believe beat him in Lara. We feel Demetrius is the best jr. middleweight in the world and the way to prove that is to fight the best. “Erislandy Lara has proven to be at the top of the division. This is the type of fight that will show the boxing world that Demetrius is a star,” said co-promoter, Joe DeGuardia of Star Boxing.

Team Lara then countered with their own release:

HOUSTON, TX (March 2, 2015) – WBA Champion, Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara, responds to WBO Champion Demetrius Andrade's claims that he's not interested in a unification fight with him.

“I'll fight him anytime! My resume speaks for itself. I'm willing to fight Cotto or GGG next…you think I'm worried about this little spoiled brat? Look at my resume of great fighters I've fought, Williams, Molina, Vanes, Trout, Canelo, Angulo and now Smith. In 24 fights, who has he fought?”

Lara went on to say about Andrade latest drama about pulling out of his last scheduled fight…

“I'm the best in the division. If I put my name to a contract I show up and fight, unlike him when he pulled out of the biggest fight of his career against Charlo. Not to mention, he turned down a fight with me on ESPN2 years ago when I was willing to whoop to put a beating on him for $15.000. And don't forget, I already whooped that ass for free in the amateurs!!! His nickname serves him right…He's Poo Poo!”

Here is Mr. Andrade's counter:

Providence, RI (March 3, 2015)–The following is a response to WBA Super Welterweight champion Erislandy Lara from Paul Andrade, the father/trainer of undefeated WBO Jr. Middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade:

Dear Mr. Erislandy Lara:

In response to your comments, whoever wrote your response should get their facts correct.

When we listen to you, we see the final triumph of stupidity in this world.  You are the only boxer that successfully brainwashed himself with false facts.We were never in our life offered a fight on ESPN 2 to fight you.  In fact, when I met you in that restaurant in New York, we even said that Demetrius would let his career develop and fight you for much more meaningful amount than $15,000.  When was the last time you fought for $15,000?  And you agreed with me.

Now the time is here for us to get together but all you talk about is a meaningless fight in a foreign country that you by just four points when Demetrius was just 17 and you were 21.  On top of that, you know when an American goes to a foreign country his opponent always gets an extra five points.  We saw it at the Pan Am Games, in the Olympics and whenever we have fought on foreign soil.  After seeing Demetrius' talent level, you decided going to the Olympics would have been a failed effort and decided to turn pro.

As we all know, many times guys who have been beaten by an individual in the amateurs come back and open up a can of whoop ass when they fight as professionals.

I see you posted your long list of accomplishments, we all are fighters in development when we start but you claim we have not fought anybody and you have.The only opponent that we have in common is Vanes Martirosyan.  We have the utmost respect for him and the best you can do was pull out a draw.  I guess you were happy that headbutt occurred because Vanes was on his way to knocking you out.  Then comes Angulo.  The moment he trapped you, he dropped you twice and again then you escaped because of a lucky thumb that swelled up Angulo's eye.  How many times will luck be on your side?

Now it is time for you to man up and take the challenge.  Forget the cheap talk, do you want to get it on?  Yes or No?  A real man and a real champion would answer yes.


Paul Andrade