WBA Wants Ward-Froch Negotiations

The WBA is keen to have their 168 super champ Carl Froch do a rematch with Andre Ward, and have asked the two men and their camps to start talking. Froch, age 37, tangled with Ward and lost a UD12 in 2011. Ward, age 31 on Feb. 23, has been on the shelf since Nov. 2013, and is thisclose to getting back in the ring, with new promoter Roc Nation helping to plan his course.

Froch snagged the belt from Mikkel Kessler in May 2013, and has won five in a row since the Ward loss. His last two defenses were against George Groves.

Here is the release the WBA sent out:


The World Boxing Association Championships Committee order the opening of the negotiation for the mandatory fight between its 168 lbs super middleweight champions, super world champion Andre Ward and Carl Froch world champion.

Both parties have been duly notified and have 30 days to reach an agreement to fight in a period no longer than 120 days.In case an agreement for the Ward vs. Froch fight is not reached, the WBA will open the fight to Purse Bid.

Ward (USA) has a record of 27-0, 14 KO’s, and owns the belt ever since he defeated Mikkel Kessler in 2009.Ward has made six successful defenses including a prior fight in 2011
with Froch, whose record is 33-2, 24 KO’s, who has also been champion since his victory over Kessler in 2013. The Brit has defended his black and gold belt twice.

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-SouthPawFlo :

Even though I think Ward is the better fight He's been inactive so I'll love to see this fight happen again...

-King Beef :

No need for a rematch. SPF your right about the inactivity though, that is the only way the fight would be any different from the 1st fight

-brownsugar :

Froch has said he wants a showcase fight or he makes a bee-line straight for retirement. Froch has stated over and over, no more technical boxers, defensive wizards, or master strategists. If his next opponent has more tactical options than James Kirkland, ....then Froch will be more than happy to call it a day. Froch is only interested in Chavez Jr.... But TR is disputing the expiration of Jr's contract. Froch will tell the WBA they can kiss his chapped backside before he goes anywhere near Ward. And who can blame him.... Froch fought them all, his legacy intact. Someone give that man a ticket to the No Flex Zone.

-brownsugar :

Sorry new phone keeps spamming

-amayseng :

No need for Froch to get spanked again in a clinic relevant to the first fight. Inactivity won't help Froch's concrete feet against Ward.

-Bernie Campbell :

Whats the point here! I saw Ward kick Froch's tuchous all over the ring in Atlantic City, the final of the Super 6! I want to see Ward against the Light Heavys, especially Kovalov! Ward can also fight Triple G if he is inclined! May I repeat there is no rhyme or reason against the Super Middleweights! Anything else is a moot redundant exersize!