Golovkin At 159, On Weight, Ready To Rumble

It is Thursday evening in Monaco, and the scale says Gennady Golovkin is ready to rock, from a poundage standpoint, ready to trade leather, or maybe more so just land leather, on foe Martin Murray.

Abel Sanchez, the tutor to Good Boy With Nasty Fists, told me that GGG was 159 on Thursday evening, so they were going to order some room service. On the menu for the Kazahk hitter, who lives in Germany, but will be relocating to America, full time, shortly, was salmon steak and some veggies.

Sanchez said Gennady (33 in April; 31-0 with 28 KOs) is ready to rumble and has no sniffles, no flu, is in fine form. “He’s perfect. Just anxious. He loves the moment of, ‘Ah, it’s here, the battle of wits,” the trainer continued. “Let’s see who is smarter, because I know we are both ready.”’

Interesting..he doesn’t see a fight as a battle of skill? Desire? Strength?

“He sees boxing as a sport, to be won with smarts, intelligence. He seems to think anything at this level is possible and everyone is capable, so it’s a matter of wits.”

Sounds ultra-wise to me. And humble…”He who makes the first mistake will pay the price, Gennady knows. He is very calculating. He is like iron right now…what an amazing specimen!”

So Gennady gets to eat well tonight, good for keeping his strength up. Bad news, maybe, for the 29-1-1 Murray, a 32-year-old Brit…

HBO will screen the tangle, Saturday; tune in at 5:45 PM ET to watch The Good Boy try and render Murray into a cancasback..