RUMORVILLE: Floyd Calls Manny on Sunday Night (US Time)

The lines of communication are maybe open, friends.

Floyd Mayweather called Manny Pacquiao on Sunday evening (US time), according to a rumor making the rounds on social media.

I reached out to Pacman advisor Michael Koncz and will share a response when I hear back.

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-The Commish :

Again, this is the girlfriend with the big, long, slow, torturous tease. Inning after inning we get to second base, sometimes to third. But we are never able to score. The tease goes on and on. When will she finally let us have it? Now telephone tease. This is downright cruel! -Randy G.

-michigan400 :

Dump the bitch. Enough is enough.

-Froggy :

Dump the bitch. Enough is enough.
Ha, ha, ha, ha !