Hyde Angry, Feels Like Santa Cruz Is Ducking Rigo

Gary Hyde had a feeling things might not go smoothly when he got word that Leo Santa Cruz was open to fighting Guillermo Rigondeaux. He told me of a gut instinct that things wouldn’t reach a state of fruition, and me being an upbeat sort, I told him I thought and hoped that wouldn’t be the case.

Hyde learned today, though, that apparently the prospect of Rigo facing off against LSC became a much less distinct possibility, when he learned that Santa’s contract was sold off by promoter Golden Boy, to advisor Al Haymon.

“I knew this was a possibility,” the Irishman told me. “The WBC should strip Leo of the WBC title for making a mockery of their title. Santa Cruz is a coward for not accepting the Rigo unification fight. He ran for cover to Al Haymon because he knows he will be protected from a Rigo massacre. Santa Cruz is gutless and should not be allowed to defend against another unknown challenger. Rigo and Carl Frampton are the only genuine world champions.”

I called a media contact at the Haymon organization and hope to hear back, and also messaged Santa Cruz for comment. I will insert his response if and when it arrives. I also left a voice mail for Golden Boy VP Eric Gomez to get his take.

Rigo holds the WBA and WBO 126 crowns, Frampton the IBF and LSC the WBC, for the record.

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-Froggy :

If he really wanted to fight Rigo he would not have signed with tsAH ! But if all he is thinking about is money, he probably did the right thing ! Too bad either way !

-deepwater2 :

Instead of going for greatness, LSC is happy fighting sparring partners and making good money. When the money runs out and he has no where to hide he will have to step up and unify or be destined as a ,what could of happened type of fighter.

-StormCentre :

Love it. . . . ""He ran for cover to Al Haymon because he knows he will be protected from a Rigo massacre"" Hard to argue with that even if one could argue that Cotto (whom has admittedly earned his stripes and the right to a little more than LSC) maybe doing a similar thing with 3G, and - within reason - being let off the hook for doing so. If I were LSC, I can't honestly say that I would not be spending my days looking out the window daydreaming . . ""Where oh where is that Rigondeaux fight I crave and lust for?""

-Carmine Cas :

He is ducking Rigo, and pretty soon fighting tomato cans is going to get old real season.

-The Commish :

When Adonis Stevenson heard the heavy footsteps of The Krusha from Russia--Sergei Kovalev--he ran crying and whimpering to tsAH to please protect him. Now, LSC is doing the same thing as Rigo is fast-approaching. Hopefully, a Rigo-Cruz fight will get made and tsAH will at least be able to get LSC the money he wants. The nice payday will soften the blow of losing one-sidely to the best 122-pounder on this planet. -Randy G.

-brownsugar :

Sometimes out of disappointment and abandonment good things can happen, for instance, in the case of Quillin who has been viciously vilified for not fighting the Russian standout Korobov (myself included) has come a blessing in disguise, Quillin has now recently signed to face Andy Lee...... And the opponent can't be discredited in this case because Lee beat the man, the man supposedly ducked. Although Lee has been wildly inconsistent, he is a dangerous opponent when he has his head on straight and is the kind of guy who was previously in line to fight GGG. Lee will fight anyone. Now Quillin has an opportunity to vindicate his bruised image and make a return to fistic glory and acceptance. Similarly, Cruz, although he's been handed a spattering of less than desirable opponents, he can now vindicate himself by facing Mares or some one comparable to upgrade his status back to his former reputation of being a fearless and worthy champion. If Cruz can pass his next test I'm sure he'll face Rigo sometime this year. It's going to happen, Cruz wants it, the management just wants to protect their investment a little while longer.

-Skibbz :

Next test after next test after next test... He'll be 30 before he fights Rigo. There are 7 big names around LSC that he could be facing. 7 names that would let him really lay his claim to a HOFship. Will he do it? Not the way things are going.

-StormCentre :

Must be horrible to be a boxer that has built his reputation on being a warrior and fighting anyone. Only to - when you finally make it to the top - realise that you have 2 choices; 1) Fight the guy(s) there calling you out and commit career suicide. 2) Run. Wonder where MMRG is. Bet he'd have something to say about this and how often it has happened in the past.