Tyson Fury Wants Wilder

Tyson Fury eyes future showdown with Deontay Wilder following American’s WBC title victory

Fury claims it would be ‘the biggest fight in world boxing’.

Fury defends his WBO International heavyweight title against Christian Hammer on February 28.

LONDON (19 JAN) European heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has expressed his delight at seeing Deontay Wilder lift the WBC world heavyweight title last weekend and now seeks to dethrone the heavy-handed American later this year.

Wilder outboxed Bermane Stiverne for 12 rounds in Las Vegas on Saturday night and, in doing so, became America’s first world heavyweight champion since 2006. Fury, who boxes Christian Hammer on February 28 at London’s O2 Arena, couldn’t have been happier with how it all worked out.

“It was big man versus little man and the big man boxed tall, just as I did against Dereck Chisora,” he said. “He outboxed the smaller man with ease.

“Wilder did a good job on Stiverne and he’s now got the WBC title. That puts him in line for big fights against people like me, Wladimir Klitschko and whoever else. America has a new heavyweight champion of the world and the big boys are back in the division. The division has been set on fire again.

“It was definitely the result I wanted. Stiverne, although a good champion, was a bit of an unknown. Nobody knew who he was and nobody cared. Now America has a new heavyweight champion. Also, Wilder’s undefeated and a knockout artist. That means the division has been given a lift and we’re all back in business.”

A fight between Wilder and Fury seems something of an inevitability given their respective ages, career trajectories and exuberant personalities. And, with world titles now up for grabs, it appears even more of a certainty in 2015.

“I don’t like Deontay Wilder and he doesn’t like me,” said Fury, 23 (17 KOs). “I think he’s a big hype-job. We once had a bit of a falling out in Sheffield at one of Mick Hennessy’s boxing shows and I told him one day I will get him in the ring and knock him out. That is still my plan.

“He’s got a title now and I’m the mandatory challenger for Wladimir Klitschko. In an ideal world I’d like to fight Klitschko first, because he’s got most of the belts and he’s the number one in the division, and then I’d like to unify all the titles against Deontay Wilder. Potentially, I’m three or four fights away from being the unified heavyweight champion of the world.”

Should the fight between Fury and Wilder materialise later this year, the Manchester man is under no illusions as to just how big an event it could become.

“It would be the biggest selling fight with the greatest smack talk in heavyweight history,” he said. “No other fight could come close to it. It would be pure entertainment.

“Back in the (Muhammad) Ali days, there was only one man doing the talking. The others wouldn’t talk. This is different, though. We can both talk, we both play the press and we are both natural born entertainers. That’s why it’s the biggest fight out there as far as I’m concerned. It’s not just the biggest fight in the heavyweight division, it’s the biggest fight in world boxing.

“I’m a big puncher, he’s a big puncher, and it’s just a matter of who lands first. I wouldn’t go out there to try and outbox somebody who is probably quicker than me. I’d go out there to switch his lights off. I’d look to demolish him early. There’d be a guaranteed knockout in the early rounds. Either way, it will be over very fast.”

Promoter Mick Hennessy added: “Wilder’s win at the weekend has put the heavyweight division back where it should be. It has made it interesting again. It has given it a new lease of life.

“Wilder and Tyson are two unbeaten sensations. They’re proper modem day heavyweights, modern day gladiators; both are over 6’7 in height and are athletic.

“Ultimately, though, I think Tyson is in a different league to the likes of Wilder and Stiverne. I think he would take care of both of them on the same night. I thought that before Saturday night and I’m even more confident now. I don’t just think Tyson outclasses Wilder, I think he blasts him out.”



-Carmine Cas :

Love it! Hopefully we see it soon.

-The Commish :

Love it! Hopefully we see it soon.
On my Monday show, I asked Deontay Wilder about two names. One was Shannon Briggs, the other was Tyson Fury. "Briggs tweeted out that your fight against Stiverne was terrible," I said to Wilder. "He also said something to the effect that 'you suck!'" To that, Wilder replied, "Briggs is irrelevant. He's been irrelevant for years. Then he comes back against a bunch of opponents, knocks them out, goes on Facebook with some rants and harasses Wladimir Klitschko. Briggs should get himself a life. But, I understand. He's looking for a payday." As for Fury, Wilder admitted, "I am not a fan of his and vice-versa. Yeh, I can see me fighting him. He's paid his dues. He deserves the beating I am going to give to him if and when we ever fight." Fury will become the mandatory challenger in the WBC once Bryant Jennings faces Wladimir Klitschko in April (and providing Klitschko wins). Once he becomes the mandatory in the WBC, Wilder will most likely will sign to face him in the United States. My thought on a location for that fight? Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of college football's Alabama Crimson Tide. For boxing, the stadium can be configured to seat around 120,000. Following that and providing Wilder wins, there will be perhaps an end of the year defense, then a late Spring 2016 unification bout against Wladimir Klitschko in a soccer stadium in Germany, configured to hold 150,000, which will be the largest live crowd attendance in the history of boxing. -Randy G.

-Radam G :

Wow! Commish, you have "High Hopes" for those butts in seats. But no way that you will get 100,000 butts in seats to holla at D-Wild in American college football country. And in the United Kingdom, you may get 80,000 to holla at a scrap between D-Wild and "Fists Of" Fury, but I cannot see 150,000. Holla!

-StormCentre :

MMMRG who have you got for Fury V Wilder - if it happens? And why?

-Radam G :

MMMRG who have you got for Fury V Wilder - if it happens? And why?
No honest pick yet. But my emotional pick is Tyson Fury. Because this distant cousin of GOAT Ali can fight a bit and jive and connive a lot, very remindful of the GOAT. If the bout is made, my objectivity will come in and over ride my emotional tides, and then I can come honestly with my expert point of view. Holla!