Amir Imam took on Fidel Maldonado in the TV opener on Showtime, from the MGM, preceding the Wilder-Stiverne mainer. It was super lightweight tussle, and Imam’s stature grows, as his power was most evident, to the detrimental denting of the chin of Maldonado. In round five, Imam scored his fourth knockdown, and the ref said no more punishment for you, Felix. Imam hit the deck himself, but showed something coming back, and adjusting his timing, and getting into a mode.

Promoter Don King yapped and was joyous, yelling for a title op for the kid, after.

The end came at 2:59.

Imam went 87-254 to 76-242 for the loser.

Imam (age 24; 15-0; from Fla.) was 140 (152 FN), while Felix (19-2, 1 NC; from New Mexico) was 139 (153 FN).

In the first, Imam was patient and Felix took it, being busier, with nice rips to the body, with his left hand.In the second, Imam jabbed more. He backed Felix up some later, after eating some lefts. A right dropped Felix at the bell, and he was up, looking worse for the wear. It was right landing as Felix lunged forward.

In the third, a left dropped Imam, at the start of the round. He got back on track, and then dropped Felix, with 30 seconds to go. A clipping right did it. His gloves touched, another knockdown, after he ate clean shots, and the round ended ten seconds later. In the fourth, Imam was timing Felix better. His jab, his counter left hook, things were working. They clashed after the bell. In the fifth, Imam was simply in charge. His body language said he knew it. Imam scored another knockdown and that was it. He got up, at eight, but the ref said no mas.



-the Roast :

This was the fight of the night. Imam is one to watch, everyone loves a power puncher.

-brownsugar :

Incredibly intertaining fight.

-Pazuzu :

Great fight. What was it, four knock downs? Five? I lost count. Imam looks like the complete package. And only 24. We'll see more of him. Poor kid is signed on with Don King... Maldonado was tough, and game. He should be proud. Good stoppage by the ref.