Lundy Explains Scale Snafu

Twitter busted hard on Hank Lundy for being four pounds over the contracted max for his now scuttled “Friday Night Fight,” against Petr Petrov on a Banner Promotions show unfolding from Verona, NY. But the Philly fighter wants to get it out there that he tried real hard, with long runs, and steam room visits and such, to get to 135.

“My body locked down,” he told me on Friday at 5 PM.

Lundy (age 31; 25-4-1) weighed 139 at the Thursday weigh in, and his supposed foe Petrov was 133.5.

The show must go on, or at least a strong attempt must be made for it to go on, but the boxer, who just gloved up almost five weeks ago, in a junior welter tangle against Thomas Dulorme, couldn’t shed an ounce.

He got notice for the Petrov bout ten days ago, he said, and he was about 154 then. Yes, he’d enjoyed some home cooking over the holidays. But he prides himself on being a throwback sort, ready to take on all comers. The weight was carving off, he told me, and he was 139 Tuesday.

Wednesday, he ran about eight miles…and the danged scale didn’t budge.

He did the steam room Wednesday night, and then Thursday morning. His body was playing hard to get. His scale read 138, he said, on Thursday morning.

He told his promoter, Jimmy Burchfield, to alert the lead promoter of the show. “I wanted to fight,” he said. “I said I’d give half my purse, half of $20,000, to Petrov, so we could still fight. But he wouldn’t do it.”

Lundy thinks Petrov, who came in at a light 133.5, should have taken the money and the fight. He also said he would have been amenable to agreeing to a capped max, of say 144, on Friday morning, if that had made Team Petrov open to being flexible. But it is immaterial, I guess.

“I would have made 135 if I had decent time,” said Lundy, who is rated No. 4 by the WBC at 135, and should get a meaningful scrap in short order, regardless of this snafu. The show will go on, in fact, just with Petrov and Lundy…