Rios Looking Forward To Fighting In Alvarado’s Territory

Brandon Rios Blog

QUESTION: Discuss your first two bouts against Alvarado and what to expect in the final chapter of this trilogy.

RIOS’ ANSWER: “Our first two fights were exciting and have become legendary.  I am proud to be associated with them and with Mike Alvarado.  We gave the fans and ourselves the best we had to offer and produced spectacular performances.  It was so intense and so close.  All I kept thinking in each fight was ‘Don’t stop.  Keep moving forward.’

“I am training hard and well for this fight. Robert [Garcia] and I are working on using the ring in case Alvarado tries to run. I run in the mornings at 6 am if the weather permits it.  On mornings when it is raining I run on the treadmill in my home. The training method I am using is going back to the basics that I used in our first fight.

“I expect Alvarado to do what he did in the second fight, which is to run and move. He thinks I am going to follow him like I did in the second fight.  His fight game did change from one fight to the other as he didn’t fight toe to toe in the second fight. He did move and run around more in the second fight. At least I think he did, you can call it whatever you want. We are working on everything we think he will be bringing to the table, but this time we will be 100% ready for him.  Preparation is our motto.

“No I don’t have any concerns fighting in Alvardo’s hometown.  It is only a few of hours away from my hometown, Garden City, Kansas. We are looking to get some Garden City friends and family to come and support me in Denver.  I am actually looking forward to fighting in his hometown.  It is part of what makes boxing and sports so fun and challenging.  Look, he fought me in Carson, California, which is close to my home base of Oxnard.  I look forward to fighting him in front of his fans this time.

“The “Road to Alvarado-Rios 3” special premieres Saturday, January 10 at Midnight ET/PT on HBO. Alvarado vs. Rios 3 takes place Saturday, January 24 live on HBO beginning at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo Credit: Chris Farina