Dan Beats Bizier in Sequel

Jo Jo Dan and Kevin Bizier renwed acquiantances on Friday night, in Montreal, at the Pepsi Coliseum, on Showtime, in a welter struggle. After rounds of decent action, we had a split decision.

The scores were: 115-112 (Dan), 114-113 (Bizier) and 114-113 (Dan).

Dan (33-2 entering) is 33, was 146 3/4while Bizier (23-1 entering), 30, was 146 ¾.

In the first, the lefty Dan, from Romania, had the peppier jab. Biz wanted to land the right on the lefty. Al B said that Dan needed to double the jab, while Biz had to be busier than when they fought in November 2013. That one was won by Dan, an SD12.

In the second, Dan cracked the left to the body, once, twice. In the third, in this IBF eliminator for a shot at Kell Brook, we saw Biz crack a counter right, but he wasn’t busy enough. He did perk up end of round. The corner told Biz to go to the body, forget the head, and to get his lead foot outside the lead foot of the lefty.

In the fourth, Biz’ hand speed stood out. Dan’s output was dropping off, and the movement and range control of Biz looked good for him.

In the fifth, Dan landed a some clean power punches but his oomph lacked. Biz didn’t like a clinch and threw Dan to the mat. Their first fight was chippy, too,

In the sixth, Dan landed a clean right hook, a real sharp pummel. And why was Bizier yapping to the ref? In the seventh, we saw a knockdown, as a hook sent Dan to the mat. Biz raised his hand after the round and the crowd heated up some. The knockdown was a tight right, after a left hook appetizer.

In round eight, Dan started out aggressively. Al had it 67-65 for Biz, for the record. Did Biz, a cut on his right eye closed by Russ Anber, lose some steam after the knockdown round. Dan was cracking in the ninth. In round ten, more of the same. The body work of Dan stoood out. Same in 11. Then to 12; Dan sent the message to the judges that he was the fresher. He timed Biz coming in, slammed home a right hook. Both men were drained. We went to the cards, after the ref asked for a clean finish….