Bryan Vasquez Looks Forward To Fighting, Winning, Eating Carnitas

I was mightily impressed with Bryan Vasquez on April 12, when he beat a more heralded hitter, Jose Felix, from Mexico, on the Pacquiao-Bradley II undercard. The Costa Rican hitter, age 26, defended his interim WBA super feather crown, which he seeks to do once again tomorrow (Saturday) night in Mexico. The 33-1 stylist meets up with 30-3 Sergio Thompson in Cancun. I chatted with the San Jose, Costa Rican and got a better sense of who he is as a human being, and boxer.

Your win against Jose Felix was so impressive. Let’s talk about
that. What did you do technically to get that win?

“Felix Jr. is a great fighter, strong, skilled, but I am better,” he said, chuckling at the perceived inhumility of that phrasing. “Perhaps my experience played an important role in that win, and I think I wanted it more. It was an opportunity for me to shine and I wasn’t about to let that go.”

What is the scouting report on Thompson, please. His strengths,

“Well, we will find out in the ring on Saturday, but I’ve heard, and his record shows, that he is a strong puncher, he has experience, he prepares well for his fights, he is a dangerous fighter,” Vasquez told me. “Weaknesses… I hope he has many! But I don’t know, I’ll find out on the ring and I’ll let you know.”

After you beat Thompson, who do you want next, and why?

“I want to try going back to 126 pounds, that’s the division I feel stronger in, and I think I can get more big fight opportunities in this division. But regardless, I want big fights, I want more fights like the one in Vegas, I want the big stages.”

Is it hard fighting out of CR, NOT known as a boxing hotbed?

“It’s very hard, very difficult, there is not a lot of support from TV channels, and not a huge boxing crowd, but those who do like boxing, they show me a lot of love and support. Perhaps I can make that change, and make Costa Rica a boxing hotbed like you say…why not? We are in between two countries that are known for their boxing tradition.”

Tell us about you personally, your upbringing, mom, dad, brothers and sisters, married, single, etc.

“I had a difficult childhood, I was raised by my grandmother and aunt, who I am eternally grateful to. I am married, my wife is also a boxer, she fights in Puerto Rico this Saturday too. (Wife is Hannah Gabriel, a 13-1 hitter who fights 10-1 Paty Ramirez in Carolina.) We have one beautiful daughter together, and I also have an older daughter.”

Weird question: What will be the first thing you crave and eat after you fight Saturday night?

“Anything!  Since I’m in Mexico, I will have to say Mexican Tacos or “Carnitas” and a soda.”